Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A bit of a lull

I'm having a bit of a lull with my knitting. My much-delayed birthday gift socks have been finished and given to my friend

Rust socks 8
Retro-Rib socks by Evelyn C Clark from 'Favorite Socks'
Araucania Ranco sock yarn
Background: Meo applique textile (Thailand)

I've started work on a new version of an old project - a repetition in different colours of the Flapper scarf that I've loved wearing this winter. It was requested by a work colleague as a gift for his wife. I was flattered he liked my scarf so much that he wanted a similar one, and charmed that he thought it would make a good gift, but I'd forgotten just how repetitious this pattern is. This time I'm disciplining myself to sew in the ends as I go, and I'm doing some work on it each day to ensure it's completed. But unfortunately, this project no longer has the excitement that comes from not quite being able to anticipate the outcome.

Flapper by Lynne Barr from 'Knitting New Scarves'
Filatura di Crosa Zara yarn
Background: Iban hand-woven textile from Sarawak, Malaysia

I'm making firm resolutions to myself (even though I don't have a very good track record with keeping them) to return to the kimono style jacket I started earlier this year. Except that I became distracted by other projects, I'm not sure why I stopped knitting this; I still like the pattern, I love the yarn, the colour is perfect and I know I will wear it when it's finished - at least I'll wear it the next time it's cold enough, once it's finished. So, let's hope a public declaration of my resolution leads to completion.

kimono 2kimono close-up
Indigo Noragi by Vicki Square from 'Knit Kimono'
The Knittery Wool / Silk 8 ply
Background: Tingguian hand-woven textile, Abra, the Philippines

So what am I really wanting to knit? Garter stitch squares - it almost goes without saying. I've started a cotton blanket for the dotee - my grand-daughter. She's away in Cuba and Mexico till Christmas time, so this project has no urgency, but I just love messing around with garter stitch and stripes and squares. I might even do some mitres and log cabin-ing. I can knit this in bits and pieces, fits and starts, it has the pleasure of variety within fixed limits, and I can make it up as I go along.

Bluey 2
No pattern
Mission Falls 1824 cotton
Background: Vietnamese indigo-dyed fabric

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Emily said...

I love the squiggles on the kimono style jacket. hope to see that in action some time?

But I suspect it'll be the Dotee's squares we see...