Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Backtack 4 finale

The last act of my backtack 4 swap has been played out - the denouement somewhat delayed because the package from Anne in Denmark didn't make it to Australia before I left for the Philippines. But on my first day back I rescued the parcel from the post office.

It was every bit as beautiful - and appropriate - as I had believed it would be.

The 'gold' component of the swap was some paper-cut birds, made from double-sided printed paper and strung on gold thread with discrete beads and gold disks. Because I was away for Christmas, my decorations at home this year were minimal. I'd found some twisted willow branches and hung some of my favorite Christmas baubles; I added the birds to this simple assemblage and they immediately seemed at home.


The 'frankincense' element appealed to taste - dark chocolate with orange and some anise sweets favoured by by-gone Danish royalty (Anne had been reminded of these by my post on Rose Tremain's novel about Christian IV of Denmark, 'Music and Silence').

And finally - myrrh - a gift to give pleasure. Most amazingly, Anne made a scarf using the same pattern I'd used to make her scarf - Winnie Shih's Swiss Cheese Scarf. Admittedly, it had been in my Ravelry queue, so there was justification in her choosing it. Nevertheless, it's an extraordinary coincidence. The scarf Anne knitted for me is in linen, which I love, and is in two tones of rich golden-syrupy colours. She also included a small pouch in beautiful silver/indigo fabric. I intend to use it for jewellery when I travel.

Backtack received

I think this was a perfect swap. I enjoyed making the gifts I sent, and love the ones I received. I've particularly valued having a small personal experience of Danish craft. I like the feeling of reciprocity I've had with this swap - a feeling that comes from getting to know and communicating with your partner.


missfee said...

It is so beautiful Lyn, and your christmas looked very enviable

Rose Red said...

What a beautiful and thoughtful gift (and a fantastic swap, by the sounds of it). Love that you made the same scarf for each other!

M-H said...

This sounds very serendipitous. I'm glad you had such a lovely experience.

Emily said...

Beautiful! I love linen too, and imagine it to be very drapy. And will wear like iron and soften over the years.

Great swap!