Saturday, February 21, 2009

The journey continues

The second delivery from my 2009 Personal Sock Club arrived today via its manilla envelope package.

We had some discussion at the Morris and Sons knitting group about whether or not the Personal Sock Club allowed you to commence another sock before the scheduled 'delivery date'. I'm being purist about this (let's avoid the word 'obsessive') and have decided that just as you receive deliveries in a real sock club on a scheduled date, so I should not see my next yarn or begin my next project before the dates I've plotted.

Traveller's stockings

My second Sock Club project is The Knittery Merino Slim Sock in Bloody Mary, which is a beautiful deep red-burgundy fine yarn that I think will have great stitch definition. I've decided I don't want to make anything lacy, even though other knitters have used this yarn for lace with great success. So I've continued with my Nancy Bush passion and, having just acquired 'Knitting on the Road' have decided to make the Traveler's Stockings. Once I begin, I might change direction, but this is the plan so far.

Another sock journey.


jp said...

This book is fabulous even though I have only knitted New England from it. I love browsing it for inspiration.

I look forward to seeing how the yarn knits up.

Rose Red said...

Nice choice! I've made that pattern - my first experience with travelling stitches. I found I needed really pointy sticks - KnitPicks options were great.

You can't go wrong with Nancy Bush!

Bells said...

oh I like your approach. I want to be a purist about this game too.

and that sock was THIS close to being my second sock club choice too. I'll be happy to watch yours progress and hopefully make my own at some other point in the year. That slim stuff really is lovely and a beautiful colour.

Lynne said...

Pretty yarn - looking forward to seeing it knit up!

M-H said...

I have that Bloody Mary too. And a denimy blue one, and a green. I'm presently making some in the grown - I think it's called chocolate. It is truly delicious yarn.

M-H said...

brown. Geez!

Probably Jane said...

A fine choice. I'm a great fan of Nancy Bush. Her patterns are so grounded in history but contemporary and elegant at the same time.