Monday, May 18, 2009

The hats

I'm having lots of fun knitting these hats:

The hats

I guess it's the same kind of pleasure that potters get from making the same kind of pot over and over again, or that poets get from writing sonnets - or, to be less aspiring, limerick writers get from writing limericks. It's the delight of repeating basic and simple forms, but inserting decorative changes.

I've 'borrowed' Mustaa Villaa's recipe, and used some old Patons' Totem from my stock of wool, with odds and ends (roughly DK weight and doubled sock yarn ends) for the garter stitch border. It's very simple, but a perfect hat. The garter stitch edge is knitted on smallish needles for the thickness of the wool and makes a wonderfully warm covering over the ears. The hat is deep enough to come fashionably low around the face.

I'd decided to knit the hats for the Winterwarm charity, coordinated in Sydney by PomPom. But the mustard coloured one has already gone astray. Inadvertently, I've knitted something 'cool', and my son has been wearing it constantly.

I guess I'll just have to knit more of the hats.


Anonymous said...

Fabulous hats. I think I'm going to copy some of those! And Winterwarm will love them - thank you.

missfee said...

great hats Lyn

I love your design sensibility, the pattern and colours go so well together

Bells said...

Fabulous effort Lyn! I know exactly what you mean about the repetition. It's kind of comforting isn't it?

dr k said...

they are great hats, very much worth repeating! awesome colours!

Rose Red said...

Lyn, everything you knit is cool! I'm surprised you've only "lost" one of these hats!

Lynne said...

Wow! What greater praise could you need?!