Sunday, June 21, 2009

Accumulating yarn

When I rediscovered knitting a couple of years ago I bought yarn when I started a new project. It never occurred to me that I might buy yarn without a specific immediate project in mind, or just because I liked the yarn. After all, this is what I do with books and reading. Though I read quite a lot, and have accumulated many books, I don't usually buy a book unless I have the immediate intention or need to read it.

But knitters who are reading this blog will know what inevitably happened. Swaps, gifts, tempting yarn sales, glittery on-line offers, yarns dyed or spun by friends and acquaintances - all have led me down the slippery slope of yarn acquisition.

I've been dealing with the yarn accumulating in my life with my usual strategy for life's challenges - I've ignored it. I've had two main tactics for doing this. Given my suspicion that nothing really exists till you name it, I have never ever referred to my yarn accumulation as 'stash'. Others of my knitting friends have wonderful stashes that clearly bring them great pleasure. Mine just excites a feeling of mild concern.

My second tactic has been not to store the yarn systematically, but simply 'put it away'. But I'm now at the stage that I can only find anything with difficulty, and where storage space, and safety from moths are becoming real issues.

Clearly, both my ignoring tactics have their downsides.

So, as a first step to acknowledging that I am accumulating yarn (I'm still not calling it 'stash'), I'm acknowledging my newest acquisitions:


These I bought at the recent Craft and Quilt Fair at Darling Harbour. It's Habu Aresco from Dairing in 100% cotton that looks like fine slivers of paper smudged with black Indian ink. I fell in love with its graphic quality and bought some black lace-weight wool from Kaalund to accompany it. I have fantasies of a loosely knit vest or sleeveless cardi.


I'd seen Koigu both knitted up and in the skein, and friends recommended it highly. These skeins were bought on a whim from Knit-Purl, probably my favourite on-line shop. Seeing these skeins all together, I'm (pleasantly) surprised by their pinkness. I have no immediate plans for these.

Pink Empire

Now these I do have a plan for. I want to make Fiona's top by Rasmilla for the dotee, and the new Morris and Sons' 'Empire' 4 ply in pink stranded with a stone/grey colour seemed ideal...and the sale was ending, so it seemed wise(?) to buy.

I should find somewhere accessible and safe to store them, and maybe this will encourage me to assess and face up to the rest of my yarn accumulation.


Sally said...

Oh, how I feel your pain! I was also like you - never bought yarn without a project in mind. It's now taking over my office. And I LOVE it. I'm trying to make sure I 'file' it in my Ravelry profile otherwise I just forget I've bought it!

jp said...

Ah Lyn what a delightful problem to solve you get to visit with all the yarn again whilst sorting it and finding it a perfect home.

I do knowing exactly what I have but where is a challenge as it will move each time I retrieve something (especially where stacked items are involved.

missfee said...

Lyn I think you should call it a collection of fibre. Much more dignified and less accumulative sounding.
Regardless of its name your choices are very beautiful

Lynne said...

What? Nothing extra added to the collection on Saturday?

Seriously, it was lovely to meet you in person; now your blog is even more interesting thn it already was!

Rose Red said...

Yes, I like the idea of calling it a "Collection". Perhaps in time a "Gallery". It is all beautiful stuff. I'm especially looking forward to seeing what you make with the Habu - it is very you!

dr k said...

oh i just drooled on my keyboard at the sight of all that koigu. you have a very high quality stash. collection is a good name for it!