Monday, August 24, 2009

Hats and more hats

I've knitted some hats for the WinterWarm project that sends woollen clothes to children in Afghanistan.

3 hats

The pattern is 'Kim's Hats' by Kim Hamlin from Joelle Hoverson's 'Last Minute Knitted Gifts'. I've found this book a most useful source of ideas and patterns for quick, simple, but stylish projects - though not nearly as quick as the hypothesised times for the projects! I've knitted these in some yarn that's aptly named Mondial Bizarre that I bought in a sale (only the colour and colour sequences are bizarre, the quality of the yarn is lovely) and some remnants of Happy Spider 12 ply. I hadn't made pom-poms since I was in school decades and decades ago and their quality leaves much to be desired.

I also made some garter stitch border hats following Mustaa Villaa's recipe that I've blogged about before. I ended up with 5 of these which I really enjoyed making. I find repetition strangely pleasurable.

5 hats

Yesterday I took them with me to the Stitches and Craft Show to join the other knitted garments being so admirably collected by Sally. She has an account of just how much was contributed this year.

I always feel a bit uncomfortable about charity knitting - I sometimes think the recipients might prefer a polar fleece hat with a 'name' label. But in this case I do know that warm clothes are needed for the bitter winter in Afghanistan, I do know that WinterWarm will ensure the garments go where they are needed, and I've set myself a rule that I will only knit things I'd be happy to wear myself or give as gifts to friends and family. I sometimes overthink such matters!


Rose Red said...

I agree with you on the charity knitting - I will only do things (and use yarn) that I'd wear myself (or would have if I was the appropriate age!). I think your hats are great!

Anonymous said...

The hats are wonderful (and I've seen them in the flesh!). I think that's a lovely principle to stick to and shows a lot of respect for the recipients.

Thanks so much for your contribution.

missfee said...

Lyn the hats are really special and your pompoms for pompom are tops.

I have to agree regarding charity knitting as I wonder too if they would prefer something else half the time. But IMO your hats are very special indeed!!!!

Probably Jane said...

Gorgeous hats! You have articulated exactly how I feel about charity knitting and am also quite circumspect about the projects I choose. I am more likely to use my knitting skills to raise money as we do for Medecins Sans Frontieres through the P/hop campaign.

However, I have made babies' roll brimmed hats for Afghanistan, making sure that I use good quality wool in bright colours but your hats look a lot more fun to knit!

dr k said...

they are so beautiful, they will bring joy not just because they are functional but because they are so gorgeous and colourful. this is a most worthy cause i think, of all the ones out there. well done!

Lynne said...

Very colourful hats!