Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's exclusive

This morning at the railway station I found myself in a ticket queue behind a trendy young man. Tall, fashionably thin, wearing skinny jeans, a fitted open-necked shirt and a hand-knitted vest. (I had my camera in my hand-bag but I didn't have the courage to ask if I could take a photograph - now I'm regretting my cowardice). The vest was standard vest shape in fair isle - an oatmealy grey background with shades of blue and maroon for the relatively simple, but beautiful pattern.

I admired his vest and asked him how he'd acquired it. He said a friend had given it to him as a gift. 'She knows the designer' he said, 'and had it made for me as a one-off. It's exclusive'.

So...from now on this is the response I'll use when someone comments on one of my hand-knits - though maybe you need to be tall and thin to really pull it off.


Bells said...

Priceless! I must remember that.

missfee said...

we all have at least a few of those one off exclusive items in our knitting basket, in our sock drawer and on our sweater shelf......not even mentioning the shawl drawer

Maria said...

Perfect!!! - I will put that on the gift tags

kms said...

oh my goodness! 'had it made for me as one off'. we must all instruct our handknitted recipients to speak of our gifts in this manner when asked from now on!