Saturday, August 7, 2010

Almost done

I have three sleeps and two days until I move house. I've given things away, thrown out things that aren't worth recycling, and still seem to have so much to pack. At this stage I can't imagine getting everything done by the time the removalists arrive on Tuesday; but I know it just has to be done.

Except for some finishing touches - the coloured glass splash-backs above the kitchen and laundry benchtops; some drawer pulls that need replacing; a towel rail that needs attaching - the renovation is done. The bathroom and kitchen are functional, and my washing machine and dryer have already migrated to the new apartment.

I'm very happy with the colours and finishes and am desperately hoping that all the new cupboards will prove sufficient for the stuff that's currently overwhelming me as I pack it all up.


From the top:
The old hardwood columns that support the building
The stairs to the small landing and bathroom / laundry
The bedroom shutters (and super adjustable lamp for reading in bed)
The kitchen sink and tap


Rose Red said...

Oh Lyn, it looks great! Love the colours and the finishes.

Good luck with the move and the unpacking.

missfee said...

oh how exciting -love the colours and the small snippets of views

Good luck with the move

the fun of a new space!!!!!!YAY -to exciting

DrK said...

oh those colours!!! its looking fantastic! will be thinking of you in the mad week thats ahead.

Cecilia said...

This looks beautiful!

Yoga Knitdra said...

Congratulations Lyn, you won't know yourself in your new place. It is amazing how much you can fit into cupboards and how much more it looks when its out. Enjoy arranging it all, possibly a few times to get it just the way you want it!

Probably Jane said...

Looking good! Wishing you many happy times in your new home.