Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thankfully, socks.

Thankfully, I've finished Nancy Bush's Fox Faces,the fourth installment of the super special six pattern sock club (s62011) socks, by the nominal due date. I'm ignoring the fact for the moment that if I'm really going to complete this sock club I need to knit a pair of socks to substitute for the third installment - the Leyburn pattern I wimped out on.

Fox faces and shoes

This is such an interesting pattern. It's almost as if Nancy Bush had designed them as a sampler to demonstrate a range of ideas you can include in a pair of socks. As well as the rather cute fox faces lace pattern itself, there's the lateral braid on the sock cuff; the honeycomb stitch for the heel; the dutch heel (love the dutch heel); and the unusual three sectioned star finish for the toe.

Fox faces close-up
Fox faces heel

Any problems with these socks have been of my own making. This yarn - 4 ply sock yarn by Angel Yarns UK - has a slight halo and almost felted effect. It would make a wonderful traditional pair of plain or ribbed socks. But it's not ideal for this pattern, which would have been better with a tightly spun yarn with crisp stitch definition. Also, the socks are very snug on me. A sock pattern of 60 stitches on 2.25mm needles is never going to result in a generously (or even moderately) sized sock. But I have a neighbour with small feet who I'm sure would love some hand-knitted socks for next winter.

Fox faces

I like this pattern so much I intend to knit it again in a more suitable yarn.


Rose Red said...

You are right, it is a bit of a sampler! It's a shame they are a bit snug on you, the colour is great! You are ahead of me though, I haven't even finished the first sock of this pattern!

missfee said...

love those socks!!!

It is sad they are a bit small

I think I might just knit them next....

1funkyknitwit said...

Forget the socks tell me about those shoes...ahahhaaha back to the socks- they look absolutely gorgeous with those shoes ;D

Also you've done quite well not to have purchased anything this month. I actually can't believe you may succeed in this difficult task.

Yarna said...

I really enjoyed knitting these socks too. Not being a very experienced sock knitter all the different tecniques were a good learning experience too.

Anonymous said...

the yarn is such a lovely colour, and it looks so nice and soft, im sure they'll be greatly appreciated.