Friday, May 11, 2012


I've been lax about blogging over the past couple of weeks. In fact, I've been thinking about writing a post about blogging and its relative decline, but that will take me some time and thought and might even become an excuse for further procrastinating my blogging. So, in lieu of a more thoughtful post, I'm dotting points about how I've been filling my time (other than work, of course).

****** I revisited the annual Knit Camp at Mount Keira Scout Camp - just out of Wollongong. The camp is generously hosted annually by Christine, Rae and Kerry from CR&K Daisy Designs. A few posts ago I wrote about the pleasures of revisiting places, and Knit Camp definitely falls into that category. This is now the fourth time I've been to this knitting camp - long enough to have built up traditions about what should be done and how it should be done. Top of the list is to sit in the autumn sun outside the main hall with one's feet (in knitted socks) on the stone wall and with a view of Wollongong in the distance.

Stone wall and knitters
Stone wall and chairs

Of course, you have to knit, and talk about knitting, and it helps if the weather is cool enough (as it was) to display and wear your knitted shawls. This year I've been busy and managed to get to camp only for one day - but, as invariably happens when you hang out with knitters, it was a fun day of shared experiences.

****** I discovered I can wear RoseRed's crocheted neckpieces as a most satisfactory bangle.

Jane's jewellery

****** I spent a weekend in Brisbane.

trees and house

My weekend in Brisbane was for a very special fifth birthday party. The grown ups made lunch boxes for the guests (twenty five-year-olds plus several younger brothers and sisters) with some help from Ana Maria

Lunch boxesGingerbread peoplecupcakes

and Ana Maria made her invitations, party hats and party bags for the guests with a very little help from the grown-ups.

Party 2

****** My cotton log-cabin blanket has been growing. It's such a convenient knitting project to carry around, and so fool-proof to knit in company that it's grown almost without my noticing. I wish I had other projects that grew with so little effort.

Log cabin blanket

I've now finished twelve squares which was my first goal for a possible finished blanket. It measures 132 x 99 centimetres and is a good size for a rug for the sofa. But I still have some yarn left, and after all the trouble I went to to acquire the discontinued yarn, I can't bear not to use it up, so I think I'll make another four squares and have a 16 patch rug. I don't find square blankets as aesthetically pleasing as rectangular ones, but the need to use up the yarn is irresistible! Anyway, it's become my comfort knitting and I think I'd miss it (though even when I've finished knitting I have to sew it all together and do the i-cord edging. It'll be with me for a while).


Brendaknits said...

Those birthday parties are such fun --- when it is not your child. :)
Love the log cabin blanket.

Taphophile said...

You have been having an enjoyable if busy time. I am certain the squareness of the blanket will be pleasing knowing you've used up all the yarn.

missfee said...

I love the blanket - what a great knitting project

and happy birthday to the dotee - I cannot believe how old she is now

Rose Red said...

That is the sweetest photo of the dotee! Happy happy birthday to her. What a clever and resourceful person she is!

My blogging has fallen off, I'm afraid. C's sleeps (my blogging time) are getting shorter, and he has lately de died he only likes to sleep on me, so that makes it even harder. (without wishing his time away, I am looking forward to pre-school days!)

Anonymous said...

I love the look of your log cabin blanket. Will you keep it?
Though I always plan to keep the ones I knit, I always find a reason to gift them away.

Ingrid said...

I've noticed that reading my blog roll is getting quicker - are twitter and facebook taking over? I think I prefer the longer form of the blog.

Love the blanket - keep going as far as you can!