Sunday, June 10, 2012

Still knitting

I have been knitting. My recent blog posts have been taken over by other parts of my life - films, books, family. But through all this, I knit. Maybe not as much as I have at some times in the past, but what's so good about knitting is that it can be fitted into the nooks and crannies of your life.

I've just finished a small shawl knitted to the Shetland Trader's Wast Side Shawl pattern.

starry night 1

I'm a great fan of Gudrun Johnston's patterns. They're well-written and carefully edited, but beyond that they are wonderfully wearable modern adaptations of classic Shetland lace designs. This one begins with the lacy pointed edges, which seem endless as you're knitting them, and then moves to the body of the shawl with its easily memorised, quite geometric leaf pattern. The pleasure of the pattern is that the stitches diminish as you progress through the shawl. It's an ideal melding of tradition and modernity - the kind of pattern that often attracts me.

starry night 3

I've used Knitabulous laceweight yarn for the shawl, so it's very light - though not too delicate to scrunch and wear quite casually. It's dyed in a typically Knitabulous rich greenish-blue that emphasises the modern wearability of the shawl. The shawl is for my daughter who has discovered the usefulness and adaptability of small shawls. Much to my delight, she thinks it will be ideal for her work visit to Paris next month.

starry night 2


missfee said...

Just gorgeous Lyn I am inspired to knit one too now

and the colour is Paris perfect!

Lynne said...

It is absolutely gorgeous - a great marriage of colour, pattern and yarn.

Anonymous said...

It looks lovely - I would wear it in Paris too! Can you give it to me, and buy me a ticket?

Rose Red said...

Just lovely! Have I seen you knitting this, I can't recall? How wonderful that it will have a trip to Paris! Is it possible to have envy of a shawl?

Yarna said...

Another perfect yarn and pattern choice! It is lovely and how wonderful that your daughter likes it so much!

DrK said...

that is a perfect match of pattern yarn and destination! i love her designs too, aestlight is still one of my favourites.