Friday, July 13, 2012

The quirks of genetic inheritance

Neither of my two children look like me in the slightest.

But this is  my daughter at age 5, in her first school photograph

Anna Cristina

And this is my grand-daughter at age 5, in her first school photograph

Ana Maria

An uncanny resemblance, isn't it? My grand-daughter's hair and eye colouring are lighter than my daughter's, and I think this had distracted me from realising just how alike they are. Discovering my daughter's old school photo was a revelation.

 I love these photographs. One of those reminders of connection across generations.


Lynne said...

Both beautiful.

My DD doesn't look much like me either!

Rose Red said...

I didn't realise how much Connor looks like me until I got out my baby photo last week! It is quite quirky, isn't it! (I can't believe the Dotee is at school already!)

Sally said...

Ooooo....amazing! So fun; thanks for sharing!

Anna said...

Lyn, on my screen your daughter's photo is right across from the thumbnail profile shot of you and perhaps because your photo is side on, I can see you in your daughter (the chin maybe?).

1funkyknitwit said...

I never really paid much attention about who I looked like until I had my own child. Genes are amazing and how we grow, our mannerisms, and habits we keep all come to light with our children. I’m always fascinated by this. Your daughter and grand-daughter are SO alike even with the different colouring.

Ailsa said...

It really is funny isnt it? My sister and I look nothing alike, but we appear to have had each others daughters. My daughter is uncannily like my sister as a child, and her daughter is a little like me. Our mother finds it disarming..