Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Everything old is....?

I'm very surprised that I've made this:

Crochet scarf 1

It's a crochet scarf made up of flower medallions. I'd say they are granny square type motifs except that they're round, not square, and I refuse to use the words 'granny' or 'nana' in any way that might imply that being older is to have bad or unfashionable taste. Anyway, I've made this crochet scarf. I don't really like crochet very much. I find that crochet fabrics are often stiff and don't have the drape I appreciate in most knitting. And, until the recent availability of Japanese or Japanese-influenced patterns in Australia, many of the designs for crochet have not appealed to me.

My venture into crochet is really all down to my friend Jane who is an ardent crocheter. Last year she gave me some crochet necklaces and I'd really like to be able to replicate them and construct similar thread jewellery. And I must admit that I'm sometimes delighted by the riot of colour you can achieve with repetitive crochet motifs. So I went to one of Jane's excellent crochet classes to revise my long-unused crochet skills.

Crochet scarf 2

The first half-hour of the class was torture. Simultaneously, I seemed to have too many fingers and too few to follow the instructions. But I gradually remembered the techniques and felt less clumsy. I'm glad I persisted after the class and finished the scarf as I now feel confident to undertake other projects - perhaps the necklaces?

Heaven knows if I'll ever wear my scarf.

Crochet scarf 3

I like the vibrant mix of colours and it scrunches up well if you wind it round your neck. But the yarn's a bit scratchy (it's Morris and Son's Estate 8 ply) and it's very lairy. We'll see....

Crochet scarf 4

And thanks again to Margarita, my wonderful photographer.


missfee said...

I love it Lyn it so matches your gorgeous dress
What a fun project

Rose Red said...

I LOVE IT SO MUCH! (Yes, shouting, I know, so excited!). I am so glad you persevered! It looks fantastic! Perfectly styled with that outfit (also, I WANT THOSE SHOES!!)

Sally said...

It's really beautiful, Lyn. (And you look fantastic wearing it!) I'd say I'm inspired, but all those ends to weave in????

lynnie003 said...

I love it, it will cheer you up in the gray days of winter I am sure
Now I wish I could crochet but I just can't seem to master it
My beloved aunt learnt in her senior years & made so many projects some of which I am still using plus heaps of squares I must sew together some day

Yarna said...

It looks wonderful, Lyn.

Lynne said...

It's lovely, Lyn. You could try washing it in hair conditioner to see if it softens up a bit.

Brendaknits said...

Well, I am certainly glad you wore it once. It brought a smile to my face - for the brightness of it. The cololurs of it. And the sheer fun of it. Thanks.

discoknitter said...

Love it!

DrK said...

i cant believe you are crocheting. i think that first photo is how you should wear it, it looks amazing and really suits you. but i am not a fan of crochet for all the reasons you mention. well done for sticking with it though. i am wearing one of those gorgeous necklaces you mention right now and they really are lovely!