Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New shoes

One of the pleasures of the unseasonably warm Spring weather has been the opportunity to wear summer shoes and sandals. My new shoes are a particular pleasure.

Jan Jansen shoes 2

I bought them during my stay in Amsterdam earlier this year, but by the time I returned to Australia people were already wearing their winter clothes, so they're just now having their first public outings. The shoes are great fun with their opalescent spotty finish and, as an extra benefit they're very comfortable.

Jan Jansen shoes

They're made by quirky Dutch shoe designer Jan Jansen who's been designing and making innovative shoes since the 1960s. My Dutch friend Mieke introduced me to the delights of Jan Jansen many years ago. I have a couple of other pairs - a mish-mash of grey textures bought around 1998

Grey Jan Jansen

and from 2000, my 'red cow shoes' with their very bright red furry surface:

Red cow shoes

I don't wear high heels, so my shoe choices are inevitably at the more conservative end of Jansen designs. My friend Mieke has a great collection of his shoes across many years and is much more adventurous with her choices. It's always such fun to see what she'e wearing. The great thing about Jan Jansen shoes is that while they're very innovative, they're never fashionably popular so that you can wear them for years, or even decades, and the design still seems fresh.

Fun and comfort. What more could one ask for from shoes?


DrK said...

You can't ask anymore of shoes than that and they are really spectacular. It would have been fun to see them at camp this weekend!

Rose Red said...

SHOES! I also wish I'd seen your new shoes at camp! Not that I didn't like the ones ou wore, they are also excellent!
Your new shoes totally say Amsterdam to me!