Saturday, October 26, 2013

(minor) knitting troubles

I seem to have another troublesome knitting project on my hands. This time it's not the knitting itself, as the project could hardly be simpler. I'm knitting Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne's Moderne Baby Blanket, which is all neat-edged garter stitch. Easy-peasy. But so far the blanket has been surrounded by (admittedly minor) difficulties.

Joshua's blanket

So far I've knitted nothing for my grandson Joshua, who's now two and a bit. He lives in the Philippines where it's just too hot for knitted garments of any kind - even those from cotton. But I've really wanted to knit for him, and for knitters, knitting is an expression of love and attachment, so I've finally decided to knit him a cotton blanket. It can be used for him to lie on, or to cover him if he sleeps in air-conditioning. Or it might not be used at all, but I will have had the satisfaction of expressing my knitterly affection.

In a moment of madness I decided I could complete this project in the two weeks leading up to my most recent visit to the Philippines. Perhaps fortunately, fate and Australia Post conspired to make this impossible. I'd ordered 8ply cotton from Bendigo Woollen Mills and it just didn't arrive. And didn't arrive. [Bendigo cotton, by the way, is perfect for a project such as this. Reliable quality, washes well, relatively inexpensive. It would be good if it came in some more exciting colours, but maybe that's a trade-off for its reliability]. I checked that Bendigo has sent my yarn promptly, but then had no way of finding out what had happened to it once it was in the hands of Australia Post. Frustration. Eventually, as I checked my mailbox on the way to catch my plane to the Philippines I found a final notice to collect the parcel from the post office. This is not the first time I've received a final notice without ever having received an earlier notice. Double frustration. Fortunately I was able to phone the post office and arrange for them to hold the parcel till my return. I couldn't bear the thought of the parcel being returned to Bendigo and then having to be resent.

Joshua's blanket 2

Now the only problem is how to complete the blanket and send it to Joshua. The Philippines postal service is even less reliable than Australia Post. Things not only get lost - they are never found. If I finish it by Christmas time I can send it with a friend who is travelling to the Philippines. Normally, this would be an easily feasible schedule, but I will be travelling in the US and Mexico for five of those weeks, and a cotton blanket is not a sensible knitting project when doing lots of plane, train and bus travel. So, I'm hurriedly making a start on the project, and hoping to complete the acres of garter stitch between my return home in early December and Christmas time. I'm telling myself that I always work best when I have a deadline. Let's hope my slightly arthritic hands get the message.

Rather gratuitously - here's a pic of the intended recipient. I can't imagine he'll appreciate the blanket, but his parents and I know it will come with lots of love.



Sel and Poivre said...

I love that idea of acting on the need to "express your knitterly affection"!

Also love that 2 year old smile!

Brendaknits said...

Don't you just love that sticky- upppy- all - over hair? So cute.

DrK said...

this is a lovely reminder of why we knit things for the people we love. because its the act that matters, not really the end product. im sure he will love it, and it comes with quite a story!