Sunday, August 10, 2008

Clarity of form

Yesterday I went to the opening of an exhibition, Thalassa, by my friend and neighbour Marea Gazzard. Marea has an international reputation as an artist, originally as a ceramicist, and increasingly as a sculptor. Marea has had a long career, sustaining her beautiful, spare, ageless shapes - reminiscent sometimes of the primeval forms of the Australian landscapes, often reflecting the ancient traditions of Greece, one of the lands of her heritage, and from time to time capturing the elemental shapes of faces and visages.

The forms of this latest work are still recognisably Marea's, but they have a lightness and glowing green-blue colour that is new. I find it so admirable that she is still envisaging the world in new ways - imagining new shapes, patinas, and colours. The work is very beautiful and beautifully displayed with lots of airy space to set off the simple forms.

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