Friday, August 1, 2008

My fling with Noro stripes

My abiding love is garter stitch. I love its neatness, its predictability, its mathematical precision, its assertive simplicity. But from time to time a fling is refreshing, and I'm having a fling with Noro stripes. Actually, it's my second fling with Noro stripes - when you find something that gives you such pleasure, why not repeat it?

stripey scarf 1

This is the generic scarf pattern as outlined by Brooklyn Tweed . It's a one-stitch rib on an uneven number of stitches, with two row stripes knitted from two balls of Noro Silk Garden (or from the outside and centre of the same ball). The second yarn for making the stripes is cunningly carried along the side of the scarf, hidden through purlwise slipping of the first and last stitches on each second row. I love the way the stripes are unpredictable, sometimes quite contrasted, and at other times almost unnoticeable.

This scarf is for a good friend who has just been through a tough time. I'd like to finish it this weekend. My previous Noro fling resulted in a scarf for my daughter, which she wore constantly. So wonderful when a fling you've enjoyed also leads to pleasure for others.

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