Sunday, March 1, 2009

Indulgent knitting

Grey baby jacket

Knitting for babies is very pleasurable. The yarn needs to be soft and delicate, and because I need only a small amount, I indulge myself by buying yarn that's a bit special. This time I'm knitting for my daughter's friend, whom I've known since she was eight. There were several years when my daughter and L were inseparable, and both lived in and out of each other's houses.

Sydney is a large city - over 4 million people. But as the City of Sydney currently proclaims, it's a city of villages, and if you live in the inner suburbs, over time many of the same people come into and out of your life. In a way that seems unremarkable, L now works in my workplace and I see her regularly again.

I'm knitting Debbie Bliss's ribbon-edged cardigan, though probably without the ribbon edges, from Special Knits and using Jo Sharp's Alpaca Silk Georgette in a soft pearl grey. L has chosen not to know the sex of her anticipated baby, who was due a few days ago but has not yet arrived. I love shades of grey anyway, but in this case it will be suitable for either a boy or girl. There are some stupidly sex-based distinctions you just can't ignore entirely (well, I can't, anyway!)


Rose Red said...

It's a great pattern Lyn, I love the shade of grey you've chosen! I made it too (for a boy) and obviously didn't put the ribbon on - without it, it's a great unisex pattern!

Lynne said...

An unusual colour choice for a baby but I love it!

I went to a Baby Shower on Saturday; everything was either lemon or white with the occasional mint green! My contribution will be white but I'm hoping it will be considered good enough to be a christening blanket since the mum-2-B is my god-daughter and niece.

Melinda said...

It's beautiful - I love the grey-blue colour.