Thursday, March 26, 2009

The lure of colour

Several days ago I visited a friend who lives in the Blue Mountains. As I rarely venture west of Johnston Street Annandale I took advantage of the trip to detour via the Wool Inn at Penrith - just to see what yarns they had in stock. I had no intention (or need) to buy anything, but came away with two skeins of Grignasco Strong Print.

Grignasco Strong print

I don't need any sock wool and I have no other small project in mind for this yarn. But I just loved the colour combination. It's a combination of slatey blue-grey, a washed-out eggplant colour, faded orange and a lighter grey. I can't imagine I would ever think to combine these colours, but as soon as I saw them I thought they were perfect. I think the purchase was helped along by the shape of the skeins - skinny 50g cylinders which are very aesthetically pleasing. However, it was the colour that made me want them.

I grew up in a time of very conservative colour choices. There were rules such as 'blue and green should never be seen, except with a colour in between'. It was unimaginable that pink, orange and red could be combined. Purple with yellow would have been unthinkable - indeed purple, other than as mauve, was pretty much unthinkable even by itself.

I remember the delight and wonder of marimekko fabrics as they came on the Australian market in the late 1960s, with their brilliant and unexpected colour combinations. It was a revolution of colour and my eyes were opened to the pleasure of breaking the colour rules. I think the remnants of this discovered delight in unexpected colour combinations is still with me. I'll think about my Grignasco purchase and about how its unexpected colours can be best displayed.


Rose Red said...

I have often admired that yarn and that particular colourway - so pleased you bought it!! Might make a fabulous fair isle somethingsomething, with a plain contrast colour. Hmmm, so many options!

M-H said...

That is just lovely. In NZ we needed Winter Coats, and when we outgreww the curent one (every 2-3 years) it was always a drama to replace it. They were always brown or navy, but when I was about 16 (mid-late 60s) a whole new colour range came out, and the next one I got was a bright aquamarine! WIth a built-in scarf collar! And my sister's was olive green, with a little fake-fur colour. We felt so sophisticated!!

Lynne said...

I love that colourway and the mat under it is gorgrous - did you make it?

The Wool Inn is my LYS so I'm so blessed! Anita is so wonderful; she actually talked DD out of knitting lace shawls for her bridesmaids. She could have made $160 selling her the yarn but she talked about non-knitters not appreciating the time involved, etc. A wonderful lady!

We have her at the Blue Mountains Knitters' Guild meeting next month which usually means discounts for members ... do I really need any yarn? LOL

LynS said...

The skeins of yarn are in a bowl that was a gift from a friend many years ago. It's originally from South Africa and is woven from fine plastic-covered electrical wire. It's gently faded over the years.

Kate said...

Glad you made it to the Wool Inn - Anita is a wonderful lady and she offers 10% discount to Guild members so its worth a visit. Your shawl is lovely.