Monday, April 13, 2009


At long last I've finished my Traveler's Stockings. They seem to have taken an eternity to knit, though in reality, it's exactly 50 days since I cast on. However, fifty days is probably the knitting equivalent of an eternity for some of my speedier knitting friends.

Travelers stockings 3

The next 'delivery' from my 2009 Personal Sock Club is due on Wednesday, and this is the sole reason I've been able to motivate myself to complete these socks. I've not enjoyed knitting them. I used The Knittery Slim Sock which is a richly dyed yarn with an almost silky surface and good stitch definition. But it's thin. Very thin. Probably would have been better with 2mm needles than the 2.25s that I used. And because of the slipperiness of the rather tightly spun yarn, I had more dropped stitches than usual and a great ideal of practice in picking up and rescuing the dropped stitches. I'm also not sure I like the extent of colour variation in the yarn and the stripey effect. Particularly for the rather elaborate cuff of travelling stitches, I think a more solid coloured yarn that didn't distract from the busyness of the pattern would have been better.

Travelers stockings 1

But there are positives. It's a beautiful pattern, written with Nancy Bush's usual clarity and published in 'Knitting on the Road'. I like the contrast of the fancy cuff with the simple sock body, and I think it's very cunning that the cuff is effectively a sampler of different travelling stitches. The socks fit me perfectly; the colour - though busy - is lovely as well as useful (and impossible to photograph accurately); and the good side of the slimness of the yarn is that the socks are very neat and not bulky.

Travelers stockings 2

And the best thing about them is that they are finished.


jp said...

Well done Lyn!

They actually look great.
Although I can see what you mean about the pattern being shown off in a more solid colourway.

missfee said...

nothing like a deadline - and that second sock would of flown off your needles.

they look great - especially with the campers.
Can't wait to see the next delivery!

Bells said...

I never got to use any of the slim stuff. I witnessed a lot of people having the same issues you did. The best thing I ever saw done with it was making a lace scarf but I think all in all you found a very good use for it. It does knit up into a stunning pair of socks!

Rose Red said...

Yay for finished socks!! I finished two socks on the weekend. Unfortunately they are not a pair.

I love the patterned cuff and plainer sock too - it certainly makes the leg and foot part go faster. They do look great too.

Anonymous said...

They're gorgeous! I STILL haven't knitted a pair of socks. I have the yarn. I have the needles. I have the recipient (who loves jazzy socks). I just need the motivation.

lochness said...

Yay! Maybe your motivation will help me in my motivation to finish knitting my socks... :D

I'm guessing you'll bring it over to M&S on Thursday? I think I remember the colour in person when you were knitting it a couple of weeks ago, and it is very pwetty in real life.

Cecilia said...