Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More red socks

The latest yarn delivery from my 2009 Personal Sock Club arrived today.

Sock Club 3

It's Araucania Ranco Solid in variegated tones of rich brick red. Such a robust, solid yarn deserves an honest, traditional pattern, so I've decided to make Nancy Bush's Country Socks from her 1994 book 'Folk Socks' - but without the contrast toes, heels and bands.

So... more Nancy Bush, more red socks, more traditional patterns. I'm describing this as developing a sock knitting style, rather than as being stuck in a rut. With most of my crafting activities over the years I've taken my pleasure from tweaking details and ringing the changes of a particular theme, rather than from being boldly innovative - what I've previously described as 'colouring inside the lines'.

So, another pair of red socks and another Nancy Bush pattern allows me to explore a theme with variations.


Rose Red said...

Nice. I think your choice of pattern and the reason for it is perfect.

Emily said...

Love it.

You've inspired me - I've posted! Dull, though.

Melissa said...

I colour inside the lines too!

Anna said...


You are much more adventurous than I in the sock knitting department. If you really wanted to get stuck on a theme, you'd knit the same stocking stitch socks over and over and over me.

Bells said...

All good stuff! And I think going without the contrasts parts is a smart move. they'll look so good.

Developing a style. Not in a rut. I like it!

kms said...

a red-nancy-bush-sock-rut is a good rut to be in, really. i would happily stay in one myself if other people would stop with the fancy sock yarn and fancy sock patterns. i always go back to the classics tho.