Friday, September 25, 2009

Zoom zoom

This was such a quick knit.

Frilled Breton

The time taken to wash and dry it, and to buy the buttons, significantly exceeded knitting time. The combination of knitting for a small child (the dotee) and knitting in Aran weight cotton meant it was finished almost before I realised I'd started.

I was a bit concerned that the very sporty, traditionally Breton fisherman's combination of navy and white stripes might look odd with the frilled finish. But it doesn't. I think it just looks cute.

Frilled Breton 2

This is a great pattern - clearly written, realistic sizing, and fashionable without being too much 'of the moment'. It has some really appealing details - the square neckline, the puffed sleeves, the slight flare. I seem to have discovered that there are lots of desirable knitting patterns for babies, but relatively few for small children. Just as the designers of maternity clothes think they should be super-sweet and feminine, so too the designers of knits for small children think they should be a riot of intarsia and novelty trims (which can be fun as an exception, but not as the rule). So I've been really pleased to discover Alana Dakos's Nevernotknitting site with its hard to resist patterns. This pattern, Chloe, is from this site.

However, I don't think I'll try knitting in Aran weight cotton again - particularly not for small people in the Australian summer. It's a bit too heavy for summer, and the texture of the knit is out of scale with the size of the cardi. I think I might have another attempt some time at this basic style, because I really like so many of its features, but I'll adapt it for 4 or 8 ply yarn, and possibly make it slightly longer.

Still, it is cute. And even I zoomed through it.


missfee said...

oh it is gorgeous Lyn - love the stripes!!!

Rose Red said...

It is just TOO CUTE!! I love the stripes and the frill - it is girly without being sickening sweet (and it's NOT PINK! Always an important factor in my book!).

(sorry for getting carried away with the caps).

jp said...

Very Very cute. Love the stripes

Lynne said...

So cute!

Thanks for sharing the link. I have my first grandchild due in February and a niece/nephew due in April. Suddenly my 20-year-old knitting books look so out-of-date!

Alana said...

Im so glad that you enjoyed the pattern! Your version is great!

:) Alana

Bells said...

that's dead cute. I reckon you're right about the aran weight cotton though. I'd pass on it too.

Caffeine Girl said...

What an adorable sweater -- and a lucky dotee (love that word!). I'm loving all the cute baby patterns out there (especially Alana's!) but I'm at an age where I have very few babies to knit for!

Yarna said...

I have to agree with all the "cute" comments - it really is! Can't wait to see a picture of the dotee modelling it!

dr k said...

it is soooo gay paree. she will look gorgeous in it! and thanks for the link, some great stuff there.

Maria said...

Love it, so cute. Can see her near sailing boats and water