Thursday, April 7, 2011

Very yellow socks

I've finally started on the Nutkin socks that are the current pattern for the Super Special Six Pattern Sock Club (or some similar combination of words) for 2011.


The idea is that lots of people knit the same sock pattern at the same time with a new pattern every two months...or, if they don't want to do this, they knit a variation on the pattern...or, if they're feeling even more anarchic, they knit any old sock pattern. I decided at the beginning of this undertaking that I'd just knit the pattern prescribed, mostly as prescribed, in the order prescribed. These socks are due on 30 April, so I need to spend some time on them.

Part of the deal is that you choose yarns from the stock you've already accumulated. I chose mine quite randomly and have ended up with a yarn I love (madelinetosh tosh sock) in a most wonderful colour. It's a very bright yellow called 'Chamomile' and has subtle colour variations from pale gold to bright egg-yolk yellow. It glows.

As I knit, the pattern on the socks is skewing quite badly. A number of other knitters have also reported this and I did none of the things recommended to prevent skewing, so I guess this outcome is predictable. I think I'll just keep tugging them into alignment if the skewing bothers me as I wear them. More to the point is how and where I can wear them. Glowing yellow socks? I wonder what social occasion would provide an appropriate venue?


Rose Red said...

Mine skew too, and I did a ribbed cuff, so I think it's a weird thing with the pattern. But they stay pretty much in place once on the leg (and put in the right spot).

Lovely yellow. I think they'll be a lovely spot of sunshine in an otherwise neutral outfit, hmmm, perhaps a grey outfit?

Lynne said...

May I misquote song? "A little ray of sunshine has come to this world of Lyn's; a little ray of sunshine in the shape of Nutkins"

Brenda said...

I don't do well with deadlines so the 'club' wouldn't be for me. Your socks are a wonderful colour.

missfee said...

love the yellow - so happy so sunshine

I am in total admiration for your dedication to the task of the socks club as it is. I knitted nutkin a while back and they turned out fine- I am sure the skew will abate
if not in the end as Jane says sit right on your foot

1funkyknitwit said...

ehhehehe... maybe you can wear them with your new black pants ;D

I do love the yellow though and if you find nothing to wear with them wear them at home so you can still have the pleasure :D

knitabulous said...

I have my own theory as to why these socks skew, although it is in disagreement with almost all of the ravelry opinions.

However, I hope to share it with you in person very soon - it's been too long!

Lovely yellow socks, I'm sure you'll wear them with great aplomb.