Friday, April 29, 2011

Next socks

I finished my bright sunshiny yellow socks - two days ahead of the schedule for the S62011 sock club.

nutkin 1

According to the rules I've set for myself, I knitted them exactly according to the Nutkin pattern - well, except for some minor adjustments to the number of stitches to make sure they'd fit. As always, there were pluses and minuses to the pattern, though I think for these socks the negatives outweighed the positives.

So what do I like?
* The colour. I just love this colour which is called Chamomile. It's made me want to knit lots more yellow things. The colour just glows.
* The yarn. I've made a number of pairs of socks from Madelinetosh Tosh Sock and it's a delight to use. It's very nicely spun and produces excellent stitch definition.
* The stitch pattern. It's very pretty with its neatly folding imitation cables.
* They fit perfectly. I've learned that 68 stitch socks knitted with fingering weight yarn on 2.5mm needles are perfect for me.
* The fact that the heel and the toes are knitted using exactly the same short-row technique. I don't particularly like how the resulting socks look, but I do admire the ingenuity and the symmetry of the construction. It's a process knitting thing.

nutkin 2

And what do I not like?
* The way the socks skew! They skew badly. (I've tried to tug them straight for the photos). It offends me that the cables do not sit neat and straight.
* The appearance of the short row heel and toe construction. While it's worked quite well and is functional, I just prefer the appearance of flap heels and round toes. I suspect I've fallen too much under the Nancy Bush sock spell.
* I wish the socks were longer - I knitted the length recommended by the pattern, but I like my socks long. So this is not a fault of the pattern, but of my failure to remember that Tosh Sock has generous length. Recently I've twice run out of yarn just short of finishing my socks, and I think this has made me a bit fearful.

nutkin 3

I'm off to Knitting Camp today and so I've anticipated the unwrapping of my next S62011 sock yarn by a day. Hurrah - grey yarn! It's Fibranatura 'Yummy' in 100% merino which I'll obediently use to knit the next scheduled sock pattern - Leyburn.

yummy yarn


DrK said...

im glad i didnt do nutkins, i think i would have hated the process, although your end results look really great. fantastic colour. and yay! grey! just in time for camp. see you soon!

Rose Red said...

I'm just earning the ends in on my burkina as I read your post, hurrah!

The other good thing about your lovely yellow socks is that they go so well with shades of grey!

Oh camp, I am so envious!

Yarna said...

Love your cheery, sunshine-y socks. I failed at Nutkins and even my not-Nutkins are destined to be frogged. Oh well - a new start with Leyburns.

Have a great time at Camp. Like RoseRed I am very envious!

Cecilia said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this pattern. I've been thinking about knitting it for a while, but now I think I'll find something else.

I think your yellow socks are lovely! And I covet your shoes!

Luni said...

Nutkins skew; they just do. I still like mine. They are very comfortable and wear well. I never notice the skewing after I put them on.
You next project will be a winner. At least I think it should be--you are pairing one of my favorite patterns with my current favorite yarn. Out of all the socks I've knitted, the Yummy has turned into the most smooth, comfortable fabric. They just wash and wear so well. Leyburn is a beautiful pattern. Just allow more room, maybe more stitches. The slip stitch pattern pulls in a lot.

Sue said...

I love yellow and your socks do look great. I have never tried that pattern and am not too sure whether I should now, maybe one day with a few mods. Your next pair look so nice, and I agree with RR, grey and yellow go so nicely together.

Caffeine Girl said...

The socks are beautiful, and that color is truly luscious! I can't see the skewing in the photo, but hearing about it is a bit scary. I'm not sure I'd try knitting these.

Enjoy sock camp!

Brenda said...

The colour is gorgeous. And is that a folded hem at the top? Do you like that on a sock?

louisa @ TheReallyGoodLife said...

What gorgeous socks! I'm not a yellow person (because it always brings out/reflects the yellow in my skin and makes me look like one of the Simpsons) but that's a fantastic colour -- I think I'd smile every time I looked at them :)

1funkyknitwit said...

I'm lov'n the yellow with the shoes :)

Shame your not 100% happy with the results but your not alone in your negatives about the pattern. I think it's safe to say I won't be knitting these ones ;D

Lynne said...

Thanks for the pros and cons list - it makes an interesting read and helps those of us who have not yet knitted that pattern make an informed decision.

I don't usually like yellow but your socks are very cheery.

Hope you enjoyed knitting camp.