Thursday, March 6, 2014

Alice May's cardi

Knitting for babies and small children is very pleasurable. More generally, there's something particularly pleasurable about making miniatures; reproducing on a small scale the proportion and complexities of something that's usually on a grander scale.

What was great about this pattern, Connie Chang Chinchio's MacDougal Cardigan, is that it's just like an adult pattern, but made on a smaller scale. There's nothing particularly childish or babyish about it; I'd be quite happy wearing an adult version of this cardigan, which is not something you could say for many baby knits. It's also a very gender-neutral pattern, and though both the designer and I have knitted it for little girls it would be equally suitable for a boy. The cardigan has lots of interesting detail for a knitter - it's made without sideseams, has front panels of densely textured oat stitch, has neat reverse garter stitch striped trim for the edges, and gives you the option of knitting the sleeves in the round by progressively picking up stitches around the armhole. The pattern is very well-written and gives much helpful advice.

The cardigan is for Alice May, the first grandchild of an old and good friend. I was doubtful whether the colour (grey, of course) would be considered appropriate for a little girl, but I've been told it was well-received. All in all, a most satisfactory knit.


Rose Red said...

It is so lovely. I hope I can make some time to knit this for Harry!
At parent group yesterday and the mothers of two girl babies both commented they'd bought lots of grey clothes for their babies before they were born (they didn't find out the sex beforehand). Grey is clearly the new green, when it comes to baby neutrals!

Sue said...

What a gorgeous cardigan. I think grey suits either gender too and looks lovely knitted up in a textured pattern. Your friend will be so happy with your gift.

Brendaknits said...

Alice May will be thrilled. I love the bits of contrast colour to brighten the grey.Very nice.

Cecilia said...

This is just lovely!

DrK said...

it is really gorgeous, and i think you've picked up all the things i like about connie's designs, just that attention to detail. the colour combination is fantastic, and we all know that everyone needs more grey. lucky baby :)

All Natural Haven said...

Great cardigan! Love the texture and colour.
Your friend will love it