Sunday, March 23, 2014

To market...

Yesterday I went to the weekly Eveleigh Market.

Redfern Eveleigh market

Even though it's only a pleasant 15 minute walk from home, and even though it's packed with wonderfully fresh produce, I don't often shop at the market. Partly because it's expensive - though you can argue, and I often do, that the freshness of the produce means you get much better value from whatever you buy - but mostly because I still have to visit the supermarket for those staple items that are not local or in season. And I really don't like household shopping.

But maybe because I hadn't been to the market for some time, yesterday's visit was a pleasure. It's really an enjoyable walk as I trundle along with my old lady shopping trolley. There are morning glimpses of the city skyline across the historic Lawson Street mural:

Redfern City skyline

there's the fun of the Big Issue production site.

Redfern Big Issue

I like the small lanes that link the back streets I walk along:

Redfern lane

and I wonder about the ever-delayed restoration plans for the beautiful deserted old buildings that were once the headquarters for the Eveleigh railway workshops:

Redfern ruin

But yesterday's greatest pleasure was the figs. Plump, fresh, and picked just at the right time. Luscious. Yum.

Eveleigh figs


Rose Red said...

I so wish we had a great market within walking distance. I'd even invest in an old lady shopping trolley!

Anonymous said...

I have a shopping trolley. I love it. I'm not signing up to be an old lady yet (everyone in Paris uses one...)

Emily said...

You brought me right back to Redfern. And I have fig envy!

Ruby Girl said...

What a lovely area you live in.

Probably Jane said...

Seeing those lovely photos reminded me of the lovely time I spent visiting you when you took me to that market and walked down those streets.

mary jane said...

Beautiful pictures, I want to stroll down one of those leafy lanes.

DrK said...

these are all the things I miss about sydney, and your photos are a reminder of how much i loved living around there. i do like the image of you trundling along with your old lady trolley!