Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Losing hope

After last night's stage of the Tour de France a very dejected Cadel Evans admitted he was 'out of the race'. Not literally of course (or a least I hope not); what he meant was that he had given up all hope of achieving what he had set for himself - a high finish in the general classification.

At a more mundane and less career-damaging level, I feel much the same about my Tour de France knitting project - Eunny Jang's Tangled Yoke Cardigan.

Tangled yoke 2

It is almost with relief that I've admitted to myself that I have no hope of achieving my goal and finishing it before the end of the Tour on Saturday. Like Cadel, this doesn't mean I'm giving up the race (or a least I hope he isn't) but it does mean I'm reconciled to not achieving as well as I had hoped. I have really truly tried; but it just seems to take so much time and energy to get a little done when others are streaking ahead. But I have adjusted my goals - I'm now determined at least to get to the eponymous tangled yoke - and will continue on.

There are rumours that Cadel feels his team has contributed to his failures. Certainly my current team - the dotee and her mother - have contributed to my lack of outcome, but in a most pleasantly distracting way. How's this for a distraction...


...and such a quintessential Sydney distraction - Sunday breakfast out, complete with babycchino.


Emily said...

Oh for a Sydney coffee! Nottingham's is more like what I got on the Central Coast - ie, rubbish.

Your knitting looks as if it's progressing pretty fast, all in all!

Poor old Cadel, though.

Yarna said...

The photo of the dotee brightened my morning. What a delightful distraction indeed! And the cardi looks perfect!

dr k said...

oh so cute. methinks she likes that cardi! and i too have adopted the cadel position. i am only half way down the body after two early spills but have no one but myself to blame for that!

Rose Red said...

Poor Cadel, he's just lost the mental battle hasn't he.

I know you can do it!! Doesn't it end on Sunday?? I'm really counting on that extra day!

Love the picture of your distraction - so very cute and the cardi is just divine.

Bells said...

Look I think that was always going to be an ambitious hill climb, getting a 5ply cardi with a big cable done in the time of the race, but I bet you'ev made some really good headway! Push on and do your best I say.

ps CUTE!!!