Monday, July 27, 2009

Not quite

Not quite finished. If I'm being really honest, not nearly finished. This is what I managed of my Tour de France project as the winner (a very impressive Mark Cavendish) rode across the finish line in Paris last night.

cardi 4

I'm about two-thirds of the way through the tangles of the tangled yoke cardigan.

cardi 2

I achieved about as much as I realistically expected to manage; but not nearly as much as I had hoped for. However, it's certainly much more progress on what's quite a major project for me than I would otherwise have achieved over the last three weeks. That's good. I'll continue with the cardi and try to finish it in the next couple of weeks so that my daughter can get a few wears from it before winter disappears altogether. But I won't work on it quite so obsessively. I need a bit of a break so that my knitting remains a pleasure rather than a duty, and my poor aging fingers and wrist recover.

In my obsession with my TdeF project, I haven't posted about some socks I completed for a sock swap on Ravelry. My swap partner sent the yarn - Heirloom Jigsaw - and I've knitted a simple Nancy Bush pattern 'Dalarna' from 'Knitting on the Road'. The only modification was that I omitted the 'clock' pattern on the feet as my partner likes a smooth knitted finish for the feet of her socks.

Grey stripes 2

These are fun. I like the way the stripes work with the regular clear black lines interspersed with the rather crazy patterning of the shades of grey between. I hope my swap partner also enjoys them

Grey stripes 4


missfee said...

Lyn the cardie looks fantastic - and you have done such a great job. Once the tangle is done it is really over.

Congrats on the socks too1!!!!

Rose Red said...

I think you are closer to the finish line than you think! Looks great!

The socks look great too, I'm sure your pal will love them!

Emily said...

I'm with rose Red - you must be more than 2/3rds of the way through this. the arms are done, and you're into the yoke.

Looks lovely too!

jp said...

Lyn the cardigan looks fantastic.

The socks look stunning.

Jejune said...

What a marvellous effort on the cardigan - it's really not far to finish it now! I can relate to the whole 'stress on hands and wrists' thing, which is mainly why I don't enter such time pressure knitting things. I hope your joints feel better soon!

The socks are beautiful, I love that stripey pattern too. I'm sure your swap partner will adore them!

dr k said...

that cardi is looking quite close to finished, and very nicely done as well! i love that yarn for socks, it is so durable. great choice.

Probably Jane said...

Lovely cardi - you are closer to the finish than I am - my jumper is totally armless!

Still - it's all good fun.