Monday, April 12, 2010

My, how time flies.

We're already more than a quarter of the way through 2010 and I haven't even made a start on my Personal Sock Club for the year. The yarns are still languishing in their manilla envelopes. I'd even forgotten what yarns I planned to use till I consulted my earlier blog post. The one pair of socks I have finished - a bit of a folly - were begun in 2009, so they don't really count. So, today I've eenie-meenie-miney-moed and chosen... Madeline Tosh tosh sock in Ink. Perfect name for the colour. It reminds me of the variations in deep inky blue that happened when, as schoolchildren learning to write 'with ink', it was a great treat to be allowed to mix the ink powder with water to fill the ink wells.

MadTosh Ink

My choice of sock patterns is usually quite conservative, and this time's no different. I'm going to make Mona Schmidt's much knitted 'Embossed Leaves Socks' from Interweave's 'Favorite Socks'.

Yesterday I went to a wonderful knitterly baby shower. The last eight months or so have flown by for those of us observing RoseRed's pregnancy - though I'm not sure if the time has passed as quickly for her. I remembered to take my camera to the shower but, distracted by knitting, eating and chatting, didn't use it. Stupid. Needless to say - lots of fine food, engaging conversation, inspirational knitting, and lovely gifts.

And this weekend has just flown by. I've had an international knitting-blog friend staying with me and I was determined to show her that Sydney can be fun - knitting fun, particularly. On her previous visit to Sydney it had rained, but we've been blessed this past weekend with sparking early autumnal weather - Sydney at it emerald city best. It was particularly interesting in our chats to discover the similarities and differences in the concerns of Knitting Guilds in both Australia and the UK as both, in different ways, try to reconcile new trends and the preservation of past skills and achievements.

I wish I could say that time is flying with my current much-loved baby blanket project - but it isn't. I'm knitting and knitting and knitting and it's taking ages to get anywhere. But I must be making progress of a kind because the main impetus to cast on some socks has been a realisation that the blanket is almost at the stage where it's too bulky to be 'carry around knitting'. Anyway, sometimes, when you're enjoying a project, it's pleasurable to have it setting its own pace as it develops.


Rose Red said...

Oh I didn't take any photos yesterday either! Fortunately people will send me some!

I haven't started any PSC socks this year either - and probably won't for a while...although I am contemplating starting a pair in simple stocking stitch..we'll see!

Love the MadTosh yarn colour - will be gorgeous in embossed leaves pattern (my all-time favourite!)

Probably Jane said...

Thank you for a wonderful weekend - thanks to you I have certainly fallen in love with Sydney!

Anonymous said...

what a fantastic sock colour, and it will be wonderful in that pattern! it was lovely to see you and your lovely knitterly blog friend on the weekend, and to see the lovely knitting you are doing on the baby blanket, it will be worth all the effort!