Sunday, April 25, 2010

A perfect location

It's hard to imagine a more beautiful setting for a weekend of knitting...

The Mount Keira escarpment above,

Mt Keira

a view of Wollongong and the distant Pacific Ocean below,

Wollongong view

and surrounded by rainforest.

forest path

A perfect location for knitting, and chatting, and dyeing, and spindling and the camaraderie of learning from fellow knitters.

Knitters and bush

For the second year I've been to the Knitters Camp at Wollongong - generously organised by Kerry, Christine and Rae from CR&K Daisy Designs (local yarn store) in Fairymeadow. Having spent most of my life avoiding camping in any form, this time last year I was entertained by the notion that I would attend anything with 'Camp' in its title. This year I knew that the beauty of the setting, and the basic comforts provided by the Mount Keira Scout Camp were more than sufficient to allow me to think about this version of 'camping' without qualms.

Scout Hall

I've been trying to organise my thoughts about why a weekend like this is so wonderful - apart, that is, from the spectacular location:

* Of course, there's the delight of having time out from your everyday life. No going to work, no cooking or shopping (other than yarn buying), no tasks other than those you choose.
* Then there's the pleasure of spending time with knitters. You can chat, or laugh or joke, or you can spend time companionably together saying nothing - just knitting. Knitters are such pleasantly undemanding company.
* There's such diversity amongst people who knit - of age, of occupation, and of world view. I'm always diverted and often surprised by other people's approaches to the way they choose to live their lives. The people I meet through knitting broaden my contact with the world.
* People are interested in my knitting and I'm interested in theirs! You can talk endlessly about your own and other people's knitting and not worry that you are being boring.
* I learn a lot - effortlessly. I learn about patterns, yarns, techniques, blogs, needles, and yarn shopping. That's the somewhat serious bit. A bonus is that after such a weekend I can seem to be up with the latest knitting trends and fashions. I can at least nod when I hear the latest buzz words.
* There are lots of opportunities for (relatively) harmless knitterly gossip, mainly fuelled by internet forums and blogs.
* It goes without saying - there are lots of laughs - lots of fun and such good companionship.

'knitting royalty 2'


Rose Red said...

So wonderful!! You are right, knitters are such pleasantly undemanding company, that is the perfect way to describe them! Your photos and words transported me to camp in an instant!

Sel and Poivre said...

That's what knitting helps me to be when it definitely doesn't come naturally from within - to be "undemanding company"!

What a wonderful time it sounds like you had! I'm interested to read of the gossip from online sources - is there a focus on Australian knitters and bloggers or are you generally without borders as I think we are in North America?

Brenda said...

Oh My Gosh!! I lead such a boring life. The scenery is breathtaking and inspirational in itself. Couple that with being surrounded by knitters - what a wonderful time you must have had.

Anonymous said...

such a great summary lyn, this is exactly what is great about knitters, knitting and knitting camp. your photos capture everything beautifully, it was such a great weekend!

Lynne said...

A lovely post, Lyn - makes me want to join you all but my family wants me here for my birthday!

Ruby Girl said...

It was a wonderful weeekend, spent with even more wondeful people, in a very wonderful place.

Yarna said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend!Maybe next year....

Anonymous said...

love your photos Lyn. Once again, it was great to see you! You captured camp so well!

You must have had some fascinating conversations, re the choice of lifestyles comment!

knitabulous said...

I am always so glad when people enjoy knitting camp. For some inexplicable reason I feel so responsible for the happiness of everyone at camp - I hardly relax all weekend.

I still love it though. It's the setting and the company. But the setting really is special isn't it?