Friday, September 24, 2010

Fashion sock spotting

I've posted before about the difficulties of finding fashionable ways to wear socks and about the moment in the northern hemisphere Spring 2009 when a sock and sandal possibility seemed to be upon us. The moment passed, but if recent Sartorialist posts are anything to go by, the possibility still exists.

Socks scrunched down with boots
Socks worn defiantly with stilettos.
Stripey socks with oxford lace-ups.

Now, if I were just forty years younger, twenty kilos lighter, and fifteen centimetres taller I could use these looks as inspiration for wearing my hoard of knitted socks.


Ruby Girl said...

I'm with you, a lot taller a lot thinner and younger, and we could get away with those looks with socks.

Barbara said...

I read an article on Hilary Clinton's hair in which the author said that she is now of an age where she can be herself and do as she likes. That is exactly how I envisage you Lyn. Your socks are stunning and no doubt you will wear them with aplomb and with whatever footwear (from your fabulous collection) you feel is appropriate.

Anonymous said...

hehe, i would love to be able to wear my handknitted socks with stilettos! i am lucky to be able to manage them with mary-janes!

1funkyknitwit said...

Socks and clogs ;D ...LOVE!

I still remember our sock conversation Lyn, and it still makes me giggle at ALL the Do's & Don'ts we came up with :D ahahahh