Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What's not to like?

I've finally completed a shawl that I started ages ago. Indeed, it was to be my early July Tour de France project, but I was distracted by my travels in Victoria and subsequently by house selling, renovation and moving. Then once the knitting was finished it took me quite some time to assemble the equipment and energy I needed to block it in my new living space.

grey shawl 3

This was such a simple and pleasing project. The resulting shawl is large (215cm wide and 105cm deep), warm, snuggly and (I think) unobtrusively elegant. The shawl has an old-fashioned triangular base in garter stitch, following Cheryl Oberle's Wool Peddler's Shawl pattern, with the much-copied Mustaa Villaa variation of substituting a plain, minimalist garter stitch ruffle for the lace edging of the original.

I've used classic Rowan Felted Tweed in grey - Rowan calls it 'carbon'- and a deep, muted blue. I'm very very pleased by the subtle colour combination. I washed the shawl and stretched it very vigorously when blocking. The Rowan Felted Tweed blocks beautifully and becomes very soft and drapey.

tweed shawl 4

This shawl is going to be such a joy to wear. I can no longer imagine why it took me so long to finish.


M-H said...

'Unobtrusively elegant' sounds like it would suit you perfectly.

Rose Red said...

It looks and sounds perfect for you Lyn. I agree with M-H!

Cecilia said...

It's beautiful! I can almost feel the wool's springiness from here.

Anonymous said...

yes i smiled when i read that description as well. perfect for you indeed. it looks fantastic, i think it will be staple next winter.

missfee said...

Gorgeous - and I love the colour combination.
I suspect you will get a bit of wear out of it this week - as the weather has taken a cue and become milder again

Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful - you should be able to wear it today?

Yoga Knitdra said...

Very you Lyn. Some greys get the best names, carbon, gunmetal.

Sel and Poivre said...

That shawl is fabulous!

I've just read through all the posts I've missed on your blog since I've been away...you seem to be settled enough in your new place that your knitting is really taking off again!

BTW I posted today about the beautiful yarn you sent this summer...I hope you don't mind - I kind of went on and on but it was such a thrill to receive it!