Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New for old

My knitting output has suffered because I've been busy and very, very tired. But I have managed to finish another pair of my 2010 Personal Sock Club socks - only a week later than my self-imposed due date.

origami socks 2

I'd scheduled their completion for 27 August and managed to finish them - with a flurry of activity towards the end - on 3 September. They're the Tsunami socks from Judy Sumner's Knitted Socks East and West in Madelinetosh Tosh Sock Scarlet. I was concerned that the cabling on the leg of the socks would reduce their elasticity (which it did) and so knitted them on 2.75m needles. But the foot part of the socks, without the cables, is a bit loose, so it would have been ideal to reduce the needle size once the the cables were finished.

Origami socks 4

This is a great sock yarn and I love the bright scarlet colour.

So....I opened a new manilla folder to disclose the latest PSC instalment. The Socks That Rock yarn was a birthday gift from Jody almost exactly a year ago and is a riot of colours - brown, russet, blue, chartreuse - with the great name, Tide Pooling.

Tide pool socks

With such wonderful colours I opted for a very straight-forward pattern - Nancy Bush's Gentleman's Plain Winter Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks. (Of course, we all know you can never go wrong with Nancy Bush).

I'm off to such a flying start with these socks that I'm planning to keep to my originally scheduled date for finishing them - 8 October. Having a publicly declared schedule for my Personal Sock Club is working so well that I'm flirting with the idea of trying it for all my knitting. But I think I know deep down that what works so well for a part of my knitting wouldn't work so well applied to the whole endeavour.


Rose Red said...

I love the tsunami socks (and don't they look fetching against your lovely new floor!). What a great pattern.

And your Tide Pooling socks are knitting up great - love the striping!

Anonymous said...

heh. you could have reduced the foot needle size to 2.5mm if that existed. which it doesnt, apparently :) seriously, they are amazing looking socks, both of them. im loving socks again, and will be inspired by you this summer i think!

Emily said...

Lovely socks, both!

And - thank you Estonia!

(Ask Reecie why!)

helen said...

oh wow. Fabulous colour and pattern. Great match! What's a few days between friends?

I love the Gentleman's winter socks. Sean has about three pairs of them! Perhaps I need to make him some from STR because that is seriously great yarn to wear.