Tuesday, May 10, 2011


* Since posting several weeks ago about my ambitions for travel I've been to Orange, to Mount Keira and then, this last weekend, to Brisbane. Next weekend I'm off to Canberra for, among other diversions, the Celebration of Wool at the Old Bus Depot Markets, and then a couple of weeks later I'll be visiting Lennox Head for a good friend's significant zero birthday celebrations. You'd think that would be enough travelling to satisfy even me, but my travelling friend Jan and I are also plotting a more serious bout of travel - ie outside Australia - in mid-June. More of that nearer the departure date

* I've been to Brisbane to celebrate my grand-daughter's fourth birthday. I think four must be the perfect age for a birthday party. The guests were Ana Maria's classmates from kindie (and assorted accompanying parents) and they were both old enough and young enough to find it fun to play happily on the playground equipment of the excellent park in which the party was held. They all came proudly in their dress-up clothes - Snow White, Cinderella(s), Batman, variations on fairies, cloaks, tutus.

party dress

They're not yet old enough to be competitive and critical and sufficiently old enough to enjoy, unselfconsciously, masks and spangles and tiaras. My daughter had done just enough organisation - choosing a great location, food in individual party boxes for the children, cheese and fruit for the grown-ups - and we had perfect weather and absolutely no accidents, mishaps, arguments or tears. A great success.

And I've decided to include a completely gratuitous picture of Ana Maria in her Playful Stripes cardigan, finished earlier this year.

Ana Maria and bubbles 2

* It's a long time since I've enjoyed a knitting project as much as my current Different Lines shawl. Everything about it is perfect. Yet another garter stitch project, but with interest added through the short-row shaping to produce stripes of graded width. The yarn is particularly luxurious - an alpaca / silk blend from Old Maiden Aunt Yarns that I bought from Loop in London on my visit early last year. The yardage on each skein of yarn is less than ideal for this project but, with stern blocking, I think the finished size will be adequate.

striped shawl 2

* One of the benefits (sometimes disadvantages) of my blog is that it enables me to keep track of my reading. I'm somewhat ashamed of my recent reading. Of the last ten books I've noted, nine are crime fiction. Good crime fiction but, nevertheless, definitely escapist reading. I'm a seasoned practitioner of escapist reading so I can't imagine I will ever really change this reading pattern, but I am going to make a serious attempt to broaden my reading. So I'm making a public resolution - no more crime fiction till I've read at least ten books of other genres.

* I've done a bit of clothes-buying - but more about that on my next 12 in 11 update.


missfee said...

Wow how fast your shawl is growing, and your dotee too!!

love the tiara

and so excited about your travels where are you off to I wonder....

Brendaknits said...

How darling your grand daughter looks in her 'dress-up' clothes. The party was fun, I'm sure. she looks good i the sweater too, of course.

Rose Red said...

Look at all those ovely garter stripes of deliciousness - yum!

And the dotee is as cute as ever, especially in the knitwear. I wonder if her princess dress needs a little angora bolero, ala the new Duchess of Cambridge? Sounds like the party was the perfect way to celebrate turning 4.

Anonymous said...

oh that shawl is lovely. you know im becoming a convert to the large garter stitch shawl because of you and the way you wear them. i have taken a break from the escapist crime fiction for some escapist medieval fantasy. sigh. i feel a bit dirty! how lovely is the dotee and so glad you had a wonderful party. oh to be 4 and fairy princess!

Lynne said...

Congratulations to your daughter on a party well done!

I, too, am a fan of crime fiction but have tried to broaden my audiobook downloads to take in other genres.

1funkyknitwit said...

Oh she looks lovely in her tiara :) ..such a wonderful age, little people are amazing when they are left to just be themselves and play. So glad the day went well.

Do I really need to say what I think of your shawl ? too bad I will.. I LOVE IT ! ;D

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