Monday, May 2, 2011

12 in 11: April

I've bought no items of clothing in April. The only addition to my wardrobe was the pair of socks in my previous post. But this month it wasn't virtue and restraint that limited my purchasing, it's just that I couldn't find anything to buy that seemed worth using up one of my precious clothing items for the year. I guess this is a victory of a kind.

I must confess I would like to have some new clothes. With cooler weather I've been revisiting my cooler weather clothes and realising just how old and worn some of them are. I have a couple of much loved jumpers that I need to re-darn - that is, repair previous repairs. Yesterday I was wearing a top that I must have bought around 1996. If ever anyone comments on my clothing I seem to respond - 'it's so old...I've had it for ages.' Even though this is true, I must stop saying this as it's rather dismissive of the comment or compliment. But I do think I'd like to have something new.

So, still 10 items of clothing for 2011. I doubt I'll get to the end of May without some purchases.


missfee said...

Lyn you are doing so well with this - I fell off the wagon with a pair of boots last month
I would love to see some of your outfits and especially your gorgeous shawl collection

Yarna said...

I've been doing better at this than with the yarn diet! I have bought a pair of black pants (for work, so they don't count), a top and a pair of shoes.

And I am trying to move an item out for every item in.

Your wardrobe never seems dated so I think that you should welcome all the compliments. After all, what might seem dated to one person is classic to another!

louisa @ TheReallyGoodLife said...

Hi Lyn, I've felt the same way as you - I feel like I want some new clothes but nothing is worth using up one of my precious quota. It's not really me being good, it's shops being unimpressive ;)

Brenda said...

I must say I am impressed with your self discipline. I sure don't have it.

Lynne said...

I bought a skirt and a top - I had to attend a funeral and nothing suitable.

Like you, my winter clothes (and shoes) are well worn but I don't like shopping for clothes/shoes so I'm putting it off!