Saturday, July 30, 2011

Architectural details

I've had fun knitting this hat.

Zumthor 1
Zumthor 2

The designer of the pattern named it 'Zumthor' for the architect whose clean geometric designs won him the Pritzker prize for Architecture in 2009. Like Zumthor's constructions, this hat is all neat and squared off. I've knitted it in Brooklyntweed's Shelter yarn in a rich tawny colour called 'Nest'. Altogether, most satisfactory.

As I was preparing to start knitting I was very puzzled that some of the photos in the pattern showed the hat in reverse stocking stitch while the pattern clearly instructed me to knit it in stocking stitch. I read and reread the instructions only to discover belatedly that I'd somehow missed the word 'reversible' in the introduction to the pattern. What a great discovery. Two versions of the hat after knitting it only once.

Zumthor reverse

Thank you to 1funkyknitwit for the photos, taken at a most pleasant afternoon of knitting with some SSK regulars.


Lynne said...

It certainly is architectural. Well done.

Thanks, too, for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment for my 500th post. I'm glad you liked my "giveaway"!

Anonymous said...

oh clever. and i would totally have missed that word too. it looks great, and suits you fantastically.

1funkyknitwit said...

Oh gosh Lyn you know how much I love this hat and it looks so good on you that you need to treat yourself to another - grey maybe ? ;D

Great day yesterday !

Rose Red said...

It is very cool! Even moreso that it is reversible!

Probably Jane said...

That hat is so you - elegant with panache!

kirsten said...

LOVE your hat! so glad you enjoyed the knit and architectural connection.