Monday, July 18, 2011

Belatedly, 12 in 11: June

With my holiday disrupting my everyday life I forgot to report on my 12 in 11 progress for June. So belatedly, here's the update.

I like to think I'm not seduced by brands and brand names. It's a kind of reverse snobbery. But I think I should face up to the fact that sometimes I'm just an old-fashioned snob about some brands. I needed a handbag for my holiday. I wanted something light, neutral enough go with any of my clothes, that was big enough to hold all the necessities of day-to-day travelling life (wallet, sunglasses, foldable hat, guide book) but not so big that I'd be tempted to fill it with other less necessary stuff. So I went shopping and decided I just had to buy a Mandarina Duck handbag.

MD Handbag

I think this must be the fifth or sixth Mandarina Duck bag I've had in my life and I've loved every one of them. They're not at all flashy, but I enjoy their quiet, functional Italian design. Fortunately, with the increase in the value of the Australian dollar, they seem to have come down in price, and this combined with a 25% reduction at my favourite handbag and travel shop meant that the price wasn't too guilt-inducing. And did you notice it's grey?

My other purchase in June was some very old-fashioned delicate filigree silver earrings I bought from the silver workshop in Kota Bharu.

Silver earrings

They're in the traditional hibiscus shape - the national flower of Malaysia. They're not at all the kind of earrings I usually wear, but I just can't resist something that preserves local traditions. But I don't have to count these, do I? You, my dear readers, have previously agreed that earrings don't count.

One additional item for June - a total of 7 items so far for the year. Quite restrained.


Rose Red said...

Earrings definitely don't count! Nor do handbags, in my opinion!
Whenever I go travelling, I always, but always, look at the Mandarina Duck bags. I haven't yet found the perfect one (or the right price!) but perhaps I need to have another look. They are lovely bags.

Sally said...

Handbags, most definitely, do not count!!! Yours is lovely, btw. :)

Anonymous said...

Earrings don't count, in the same way that sock yarn doesn't count.
I really do like that bag. (Off to search on line shops now...)

Anonymous said...

oh quite restrained indeed! they are both lovely items, and im with the others, i dont think bags or earrings count as clothing.

1funkyknitwit said...

The earrings are very pretty and I can see why you bought them. A good bag is a woman's necessity, so I say both earrings and bag - don't count :D