Saturday, October 4, 2008

I panicked unnecessarily

They've painted the watertower that's the view from my living room window - but they've (fortunately) painted it slate grey. The lemon cream colour that panicked me so much seems to have been an undercoat. The struts that support the watertower are still lemon cream, but I'm hopeful they also will eventually be grey.

watertower Oct

The beautifully textured rusted surface has gone, but maybe the new paint will protect the surface so I can continue to enjoy my view.


Emily said...

I've just noticed your 'other diversions' to the right fo posts - didn't know you'd seen Scorched. We went twice (I went to the debrief a few days before it closed and learnt that it hadn't sold that well, so we went again.

I'd love to hear your views!

The Watertower does look pretty good dark grey, I think. (In your honour?)

missfee said...

Like Emily I am convinced they painted it that cool slate grey in your honour.
thanks for the great tart yesterday and the wonderful company.