Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nothing (of my own) to show

I'm very busily crafting (note - not just knitting) to meet the deadline for an international exchange for which I signed up. It's back-tack 4 - the fourth international craft exchange organised by Australian crafters and bloggers sixandahalfstitches and craftapalooza. Yes, it's the fourth time they've organised this exchange - such energy and organisational skills are most admirable.

I'm discovering this swap is quite a challenge. Looking at the outcomes of past swaps, the standard of back-tack achievement is high, so I'm having to give myself all the usual self-talk about the achievement being judged by the care and thought taken rather than the outcome achieved.(hmmm). The theme also is challenging me. This year with Christmas approaching, it is 'gold, frankincense and myrrh'. The gold is interpreted as something glittery; the frankincense as something appealing to the senses of smell or taste; and the myrrh as a gift that indulges your partner. At least one of the objects must be self-made and any craft can be used.

One of the things I particularly like about the swap is that it is a mutual exchange, and that I know and have been in contact with my partner. We have agreed that we will each make something that reflects our own tastes and background, rather than trying to guess each other's tastes. As my partner Anne is from Denmark and makes the most beautiful things, I think this is a great agreement!

So, because Anne is reading my blog, I can't show you what I'm making, even though I've become rather obsessed by my projects. But what I can encourage you to do is look at some of Anne's knitting projects - in particular a wonderful vintage-style cape-cum-cardie in soft grey (see the appeal?), and her recently completed jumper for her husband in an icy blue. OtherAndrew - does this take your fancy?

If you want to see more of Anne's knitting projects and you have access to Ravelry, you can find her as adammandi.

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