Friday, December 5, 2008

Yellow and pink

I bought some lilies for my house. They were cheap at my local shop, and even cheaper if you bought two bunches. So I bought a bunch of yellow lilies and another of pink. When I got home I put them in my tallest vase which I placed on my new, second-hand cupboard (which I love so much it's worth blogging about in its own right - another time). And look what happened...

Lilies and painting

The lilies and the painting have such different origins, but the colours are so perfect together. The painting is an untitled work by Josephine Nangala, and came from an exhibition of work by Kiwirrkura women, who are part of the Western Desert Papunya Tula Cooperative.

I think it was while visiting India that I was was really smitten with the charm of pink (in its many Indian manifestations) and yellow together - to add another cultural dimension to this colour story.

India 15
Temple, Tamil Nadu, March 2008

Last summer I bought some wonderful yellow sandals, so now I'll have to hunt for some bright pink to accompany them. Makes a change from grey...

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