Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A day off

Several months ago I changed my work pattern from full-time to working four days a week. I'd been wanting to do this for some time, and the outcome has been every bit as wonderful as I'd hoped. Usually, I spend my non-weekend day off going out to do pleasurable things; visiting friends, leisurely shopping, going to the movies.

But this week I stayed at home on my day off. Despite the wonderful, clear autumn weather I stayed inside and knitted and read...and really enjoyed myself.


The next installment of my 2009 Personal Sock Club arrives on 14 April - only a week away. Before yesterday, I had only one of the socks from the last consignment of my personal club completed. Nancy Bush's 'Traveler's Stocking' in The Knittery Slim Sock has been quite a challenge for me, and I'd allowed myself to be distracted by Ysolda Teague's Ishbel scarf. But yesterday I cast on for my second sock, and with daylight streaming through the window to illuminate the dark yarn, and increased familiarity with the pattern, I finished the rather elaborately patterned cuff on the second sock. With lots of Easter knitting time coming up, I think I'll be able to finish the socks before the manilla envelope with my next sock installment 'arrives'.

I also managed to finish reading Arnaldur Indridason's 'The Draining Lake'. I've blogged before about my captivation by Swedish crime fiction, and this is a sideways move - Icelandic crime fiction! I'd had this author recommended to me, but this is the first of his novels I've read. It's great. It provides an insight into both modern day and Cold War era Iceland with its somewhat claustrophobic, gloomy view of life, and has a densely plotted, multi-thread narrative. Highly recommended.

PS - I bought the book for $9.95 from the so-good no-name discount bookstore at the Railway Square end of the much-maligned Devonshire Street tunnel in Sydney.


Taphophile said...

Must check out that author. The bookshop is known in BookCrossing circles as the Evil Bookshop and it was a favourite of mine when I worked at the other end of the Devonshire Street tunnel.

Am most envious of your non-weekend day off. A very civilised division of time.

Cecilia said...

Love the socks! I have some of the (now gone, much lamented) knittery's slim sock. Haven't made any socks with them yet because I find the thin-ness of the yarn a bit intimidating. But you have inspired me.

Is this Bloody Mary? I bought some of the matching yarn thinking I'd use them for the toes and cuffs but then completely forgot about it and used the sock yarn for a scarf. I can give you the matching yarn if you like. From what I remember, there is really yardage in this and maybe you can get another pair of socks out of them?

I'll also have to check out the icelandic mystery novel. I'm always on the lookout for new and exciting mysteries to read.

Rose Red said...

Sounds like the perfect way to spend the day (although I do admit, I often feel like I've wasted a sunny day by knitting inside...so sometimes I knit outside!)

Bells said...

that sounds like a perfect day off to me. A sunny window, socks etc . Lovely.

Icelandic crime fiction? I'm intrigued!

Lien said...

Hi Lyn,
Just came across your blog through various links! Have you read Miss Smilla's sense of snow? That was quite a good gloomy cold (I felt cold when reading it) read. My boyfriend read it in Danish. There are two titles but its same book (its been translated so you might find it being called Miss Smilla's feeling for snow).