Sunday, May 24, 2009

This time of year

I love this time of year.


Autumn in Sydney is perfect. Lots of sun and blue skies, and even when it rains, as it has this last week, it's a thorough cleansing that leaves the city sparkling. It's (just) cold enough to wear woolly knitted scarves and hats and and to snuggle into a doona to sleep.

Then there's the succession of events that builds a sense of such pleasurable expectation. The Sydney Film Festival is in early June - ten days of compressed film viewing that's a mixture of great films and bizarre and unpredictable views of the world. I always feel it allows me to 'get my eye in' for viewing films for the following year.

In the midst of the film festival is World Wide Knit in Public Day with its opportunities to catch up with knitting friends and meet fellow Ravellers and knitting bloggers who have so far been names, rather than faces.

Then in early to mid July there's the Tour de France cycling race - broadcast live in Australia at times that make you wilt by the end of the tour, simply through viewing it. Last year I participated very productively in an international Tour de France Knit-a-long that was great fun. I'm not sure if there will be a repeat of the KAL this year, but even if there's not I've decided to do a personal Knit-a-long and make Eunny Jang's Tangled Yoke cardi for my daughter.

And this year I'm planning to go to the Byron Bay Writers Festival in early August. I will combine it with a visit to friends in the area and stay with an old and good friend who lives just south of Byron Bay.

So, my tasks of the last few days and for the next week or so are reviewing patterns, yarns and schedules and thinking about how my knitting can fit around, or possibly be combined with these pleasures. I'm a bit behind with my self-imposed knitting schedule for the year, so I need to do some reorganising and resetting of knitting priorities.

A most pleasurable sense of anticipation is building...


Rose Red said...

I think I will be in with you on the Tangled Yoke TdF 2009! A most excellent idea!

Probably Jane said...

I loved the TdF KAL. I do hope we do it again, even though my lace is languishing at the bottom of my WIP basket. Perhaps my challenge will be to finish it - not worn the green jersey before!

I shall be enjoying world wide knit in public day at the Isle of Wight Music Festival. I will raise a needle in your honour.

DrK said...

nothing like a list of projects and a good cuppa to make everything ok with the world. let alone all that other autumny festival goodness!

M-H said...

Sounds like a lovely winter ahead. Knit on!

Bells said...

that's a fabulous schedule coming up and I do recall we discussed a possible KAL at camp, remember?

Tangled Yoke sounds like the best way to approach it. I'm with you and RoseRed. I can work towards that!

Emily said...

Tangled yoke - great idea.

HAve you seen Synecdoche New York? C and I did last week - would love to know your thoughts on it!

Spring and early summer here are similarly lovely, but I did enjoy autumn in Sydney last year!