Tuesday, November 10, 2009


So, the scarf I began as a consolation for the disappointment of my failed relationship with 'Henry' is finished. And I'm very happy with this new short but pleasurable association.

Cable 1

It's been a delight to knit; a simple scarf recipe with two-by-two ribbing and big cables that results in a comfortable, reversible scarf. It's long enough to be whirled around the neck several times, or doubled with the ends pulled through the loop.

Cable 2

Despite my best, very amateurish photographic endeavours, these pics don't really capture the richness of the colour, which is an intense brick-red. My previous blog post about beginning this project is a much better, though still not perfect, representation of the colour. I realised only today (sometimes I'm rather slow) that the time of day at which I take photographs makes a huge difference to the accuracy of the colours. But I'm not often home around mid-day, which is when the light is best.

Cable 3

The scarf is a Christmas present, though I've decided I'll have to buy something to accompany it. I can't quite reconcile myself to giving a gift that can't be used for several months. Buried deep in my personal gift-giving protocols is an idea that presents shouldn't require a capacity for delayed gratification on the part of the recipient.

I'm a bit surprised that I've knitted a Christmas present - it wasn't really part of my knitting schedule for the year. But I've enjoyed this, so I might try another.


Lynne said...

A lovely scarf though perhaps not necessary in Sydney these last couple of days. Hope the recipient loves it!

Rose Red said...

Such a great pattern and colour (but of course!). Really looks fabulous on!

Sonia said...

Oh wow! That is a gorgeous scarf… might have to pop that one in my ravelry queue!

Bells said...

oh goodness me that's quite breathtaking, esp in that first photo. It's marvellous!!

Sel and Poivre said...

I think your photography is terrific - I love looking down the line of deep ribbed cables and being able to appreciate the wave along the edge of that gorgeous scarf!

(Its funny from here in Canada to think of Christmas as something other than the perfect time to wear scarves!)

Probably Jane said...

I do like that scarf - I think it will have to go in my queue too - a girl can never have too many scarves...and then my sister will want one too....