Monday, January 18, 2010

de Beauvoir

I've just finished knitting a warm hat for my trip to France next month.

de Beauvoir 1

As I was knitting the hat, a friend said it reminded her of the turbans which French philosopher, feminist and novelist Simone de Beauvoir wore for so much of her adult life. During the second world war de Beauvoir lived in very basic and transient accommodation, often without access to running water. Soap, like many commodities, was rationed or unavailable. Ever practical and rational, de Beauvoir explained 'Getting one's hair done was becoming quite a production, hence turbans were in fashion (in 1941); they served at once as hat and hairdo'.

I don't have de Beauvoir's practical reasons for a turban and my hair is so short that 'getting one's hair done' (other than getting it cut) is unnecessary. But I do need a warm hat.

de Beauvoir 2

I'm very happy with this one. The pattern is 'Wurm'; a free pattern by Katushika available as a ravelry download. I particularly like the neat doubled band that anchors the hat, and the volume created by the corrugations of purl and plain stitches. You can push and pull the hat around to create different shapes and angles. Most satisfactory.

de Beauvoir 3


Rose Red said...

I love it! Especially the de Beauvoir referencing - very you!!

Emily said...

Looking forward to seeing it in March - I hope? Are your plans for the UK still the same (Flying back to Sydney 11th, in the UK a few days beforehand)?
We hope to see you!

Bells said...

oooh yes, very de Beauvoir! Perfect!!

missfee said...

Lyn what a great colour and love the turban look of the hat.

Probably Jane said...

I was reading Cranford the other day and smiling at Miss Mattie's unsatisfied yearning for a turban. Clearly, every girl should have one. Fabulous titfer!

DrK said...

so very french! you will fit right in, and what a glorious colour.

Unknown said...

Once again a triumph. Or should I say Arc De Triomphe!

I hope you have a wonderful time in Paris, and I hope you wear your gorgeous hat. There is something very magical about Paris, and in a hand knitted hat (which are also magical) who knows what might ensue!