Monday, February 22, 2010


There's a change of pace in Paris on Sundays. Many of the shops, and even some of the restaurants are closed. In the morning the streets are deserted, but by lunchtime and in the afternoon they're filled with people walking, chatting and enjoying themselves. The pace is less frenetic than the busy weekdays.

So, from my viewpoint, what can people do in Paris on Sundays?

They can window-shop along le Viaduc des Arts where the arches beneath the no-longer-used viaduct have been glassed in to provide light-filled shops and ateliers for (very upmarket) craftspeople
Viaduc des artes

If they're fortunate, as we were, they can lunch in a trendy restaurant created under the Viaduc arches (my friend had suckling pig; I had a tarte tatin of confit of chicken with mashed potatoes)

They can stroll along the elevated walkway that's been created on top of the Viaduc
Viaduc walkway

and listen to a group of musicians playing in the metro.

They can ride on the carousel

or skate on the ice rink that's been erected in front of the grand Paris Hotel de Ville (Town Hall)

or just meet up with friends in the park.

They can buy waffles or donuts or crepes from a stall in the square (we easily resisted this - still full from lunch, despite the long walk, and anyway having so many other more wonderful food temptations)

or they can sit in a cafe and watch the world pass by.


M-H said...

I am so enjoying your Parisian posts. Thank you so much for them.

redambition said...

With every single post of yours, my urge to visit Paris is increasing exponentially.

I am loving your photos and posts!

M-H said...

Well actually Sandra (borrowing the hardware). Thank you for these posts they are wonderfully evocative. I can almost feel myself in Paris and my list of what to do next time (said very hopefully) is definitely growing.
Looking forward to hearing some more when you have the chance!

Anonymous said...

gosh these posts are fun to read.


Just needed to say that.

More food descriptions please!

1funkyknitwit said...

I'm loving the beautiful pics it all just looks so amazing.

I'll say it again...I so wish I were there!

Lynne said...

I'm not from Melbourne and have never lived there - but your description reminded me of the Melbourne I encountered on a Sunday afternoon (20+ years ago).

Thanks again for your lovely photos and interesting journalling.

Sel and Poivre said...

These posts are almost heartbreakingly evocative of Paris! If this keeps up I may well have booked a trip of my own there before you are back on Australian soil!

Emily said...

Looks wonderful!

Have you decided if you want the cheap option (staying with us!) or the less so (B+B)? Also, worth booking your train - is a site - as it'll be much cheaper.

We'll be travelling up from London St Pancras at 11.15 on Saturday the 6th. Let me know when you have the chance!

DrK said...

well that all looks very civilised! have you spotted any good knitwear yet?!

Probably Jane said...

Thank you - I walked along the raised walkway last April on my last trip to Paris - lovely to be reminded.

We found a rather lovely needlepoint shop in the Viaduc if I remember correctly....