Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Quincy 1

I've become a bit obsessed by hat patterns since making my de Beauvoir style turban. I particularly like the Quincy hat by Jared Flood with its slightly daggy echoes of a nineteen-twenties cloche. But it's made from 12 ply (chunky) yarn and I had none in my stash so I pushed the attraction to the back of my mental knitting queue.

But then I saw MissFee's Bendigo Rustic yarn in Graphite that was part of her haul from her Victorian trip. Instant desire. So, I ordered a skein from Bendigo Woollen Mills and received not only the satisfyingly hefty 200gm ball of deep grey wool, but also their shade cards. What excellent customer service. I had never shopped with them before, and I bought only a single ball of wool, but they had the nouse to see me as a potential customer and tempt me to further purchases.

I didn't really mean to start knitting the hat. I have other projects I should be finishing. But... garter stitch...grey tweedy yarn...integrated i-cord edges...how could I resist?

Quincy 2

I've come to a stop because I don't have the large sized dpns needed to finish the hat. But the impetus is there. One more evening's knitting and the hat will be finished. It's such a quick and satisfying knit.


Rose Red said...

You Rock, Lyn!!
I so want that book...I should just order it, shouldn't I!

Bells said...

oh a new bendigo convert! But you know, you should have ordered three balls and got the free postage! Two balls of something else, for eg. I figured that out the hard way!

Sel and Poivre said...

I love that phrase..."I didn't really mean to start knitting"! That happens to me fairly frequently! Another line I recently saw and loved on a knit blog was "...it really never occurred to me to pace myself"

Isn't knitting great!

Sue said...

I love ordering from BWM too and have some beautiful yarns from them, some of which I am knitting with at the moment. Do you mind me asking where you ordered Jared's book from as I would like on for myself with all his wonderful patterns.

DrK said...

oh how i love his work, i must get that book! and you couldnt resist, not really. it will be great in that yarn, maybe give it a good soak too cos sometimes i find rustic a bit scratchy. but im sensitive like that.... you are going to be so well kitted out!

1funkyknitwit said...

Love this post Lyn

Knitters heaven..... I can relate to ALL your reasons of embarking on such a fab project.