Monday, March 15, 2010

Of yarn and knitting while travelling

I started to write 'I didn't buy much yarn while I was away'...but you know what it's like with yarn...there's always more of it than you think there is. So, I'll revise my statement - I was very restrained in the yarn I bought while I was away.

There was a little from Maschenkunst in Cologne:

Cologne yarns

A skein of Opal sock yarn (in reality a wool/cotton/polyamid mix) in a light marl grey - I hope this is the same or similar to some yarn MissFee recently used for socks; a skein of Finnish Wetterhoff Silvia (a silk/wool laceweight whose dull greyish aqua colour was irresistible) and a fun Crazy Zauberball in grey, black and rust.

At La Droguerie in Paris I bought enough grey linen for a jacket - I think about dk weight:

Grey linen

And this was (mostly) my purchase from Loop in London:

Loop yarns

Two skeins of Canadian Hand Maiden Casbah (mainly merino, with some cashmere and nylon) in colour-ways Paris and in Pewter and some beautiful alpaca and silk mixture from Scottish Old Maiden Aunt Yarns - one skein in cinnamon and one in blackbird (I'm very impressed by these). The soft dull grey yarn at the top of this last photo was an unexpected and lovely gift from Jane - a fine baby alpaca/merino/ cashmere mix from The Yarn Yard

I didn't get much knitting done (and I don't need to revise this assessment on reflection). I finished the short socks I was knitting - the pattern is Sensu by Judy Sumner from 'Knitted Socks east and West'. Straight-forward pattern with a great result - though heaven knows how or where I'll wear them:

Ankle socks and sandals

And I started the Citron shawl pattern in a very fine laceweight yarn in bright red.


As everyone who knits this viral pattern comments, the rows become interminably long as the shawl grows. I bought the Adriafil yarn at the Wollongong Knitting Camp last year and discovered only after I'd started knitting that it's a particularly fine laceweight - Ravelry describes it as 'cobweb'. So, to make it large enough I'm going to add a couple of additional repeats to the pattern - I'm not brave enough to even imagine the number of stitches I'll have in each row.

I did also knit a hat for the friend with whom I was travelling - a simple pattern I invented and that was very warm and looked good - unfortunately I have no photos. It's knitted from Cocoon - a beautifully soft Rowan 12 ply merino and mohair mix in a slatey deep mauve colour. But like many soft yarns it pilled almost as soon as it was knitted. I don't think I'd use Cocoon again.

And finally - the hat I've fallen in love with:

Quincy (darker)

I finished this hat just before I left for my trip, and hardly had it off my head all the time I was away. It's Jared Flood's pattern 'Quincy' knitted from Bendigo Rustic and it's truly elegant - not in the sense of high fashion, but in the sense of finding a perfect solution to a design problem. I also love its slightly daggy cloche-like effect, and it's so warm and so comfortable. I want to knit more of them in a range of colours - though I'd probably have to visit somewhere colder than Sydney to wear them.


Anonymous said...

i was so caught up in your travels I didn't even stop to think about european yarn purchases! I adore that grey linen. It's very you!!

Rose Red said...

Beautiful grey yarns! I can't believe it! (tee hee)

Mmmm, grey linen, can't wait to see the garment you make from that!

But I'm sad to hear cloche hats are slightly daggy, I do love them so!

LynS said...


I don't think cloche hats are daggy - not at all. I just think this particular hat is a little bit daggy and a little bit cloche.

Sel and Poivre said...

You've had such an adventure...I hope it feels wonderful to be home again with great memories to look back on and wonderful knitting projects to look forward to! (Especially with that grey linen!

Lynne said...

Each yarn will bring back fabulous memories as you look at it, think about it, knit it and wear it. Wonderful!

DrK said...

you have a very good eye for quality i think, everything you have chosen seems perfect for you! love the zauberball and i think i want to go somewhere cold so i can make and wear one of those hats too. hope you are managing the jetlag ok.

Unknown said...

I am in Leiden and have just bought a knitted band (with a warm lining) to cover my ears. Now if only I had knitted a beautiful cloche hat like yours!!!

Anonymous said...


Emily said...

I'm so glad those were the two local yarns you got - Old Maiden Aunt and Yarn Yard are both fabulous. I have some OMA to make a 'Cloud' by Kate from Needled, and the yarn Clare spun was from fibre by Natalie at the Yarn Yard. Excellent taste, as ever, Lyn!

You really were pretty restrained...

1funkyknitwit said...

Lyn the yarns are divine ~ I expect nothing less :)

BUT!!... I have to say that those socks & THOSE shoes I just love, your too cool for words! ~ you should team the whole ensemble with that fabulous grey cloche (definitely not daggy but very cool indeed)

FABULOUS... & love how you think outside the box I shall take a leaf out of your book ;D

Ruby Girl said...

The yarn you have brought back with you is very nice. It was wonderful following (stalking) you on your trip, thanks for sharing it.

Yarna said...

I love the grey linen and can't wait to see it knitted up. I have so enjoyed being part of your travels and looking forward to seeing the yarns knitted up.

Unknown said...

Ah the cherry on top of the delicious cake that's been your travelogue - the yarn!

You'll be pleased (?) to know that knitabulous yarn will be stocking the cashbah sock later this year - so no need to go all the way to loop to get it ..

Probably Jane said...

You have to wear those grey socks with the yellow sandals - they are perfect together!

You looked splendid in your hat by the way - it's on my list for next winter!

PS Note to self - buy yellow sandals....