Thursday, May 6, 2010

Waiting it out

I feel as if a huge wave is about to break around me. Next week I have appointments with the accountant, the bank, the solicitor, the real estate agent and (most pleasurably) the designer and project manager for the renovation I'm about to begin. I suspect this last will rapidly turn from pleasure to pain as I have to balance the things I'd like include in my renovation against the things I can afford to include - but for the moment there's pleasurable anticipation.

I wish I could summon this attitude of pleasurable anticipation towards finishing my knitting projects. I'm a slow knitter at the best of times and with lots of distractions just now I'm achieving even less than usual. I'm chugging along with the sleeveless jumper for my daughter.

Sage 1

The Sage Remedy Top is (for me) the perfect balance between mindless knitting and an easily memorised and simple lace pattern. But I wish I could enjoy the moment of knitting it and not be so impatient to finish it. However, I'm almost up to the armholes of the back - having completed the front - so there's not too much more to do.

I do so like lacy patterns knitted in thickish wool. Sometimes fine lace feels very 'special occasion'. Thick lace is for everyday.

Sage 2

(by the way, the colour of this jumper has much more green in it than these photos show. The early morning light in which I've recently been taking photos really highlights the blue in objects).

The other mildly exciting knitting news is that I've finished the first sock of the first pair of my PSC 2010 socks. Given the revised date I'd set myself for completing these socks - 4 June - I'm well on the way to meeting this deadline (but mustn't gloat too soon...)


Anonymous said...

well i am kind of impatient to see your sage remedy finished too because its such a beautiful knit. i hope you get to do at least some of what you want with the renovations, knowing you im sure it will be very stylish!

Rose Red said...

Check you out! A month early on the PSC!! Huzzah!

There really is something about thicker yarns making lace casual and everyday. Fabulous.

And I too share your anticipation about renovations - how exciting! Lots of possibilities to explore!

Bells said...

I think you're quite right about thick lace - it does feel more every day!

Sel and Poivre said...

I love how sturdy thick lace feels while looking every bit as beautiful as its more delicate fine counterpart!

Brendaknits said...

Those feelings of being overwhelmed are so - well overwhelming. Not my favourite kind of days. Hope yours passes soon.

jp said...

I am loving watching you knit this.
The colour is so perfect for a top called Sage.

Cecilia said...

Good luck with the move and the renovations! I'm nearing the end of mine and it has been really fun. Super expensive, but really really fun. Especially now when everything is coming together. Hope you enjoy yours as much!

Anonymous said...
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