Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Yesterday I had a visit from the people who've bought my apartment. Such a relief!

First, because I liked them so much. They're a young couple with a baby, and seemed very warm and generous. Since this has been my family's home for the last 25 years, I'm very happy to have it lived in by another family, rather than purchased by an investor who doesn't see it as 'home'. I'm also happy there'll be another young family in the apartment block to provide generational change and continuity.

Second, the purchasers are planning some renovations - mainly to the kitchen which probably needs some updating after 25 years - and won't be able to move in immediately. So they're happy for me to stay put for another week (until 10 August) before moving out to my newly renovated apartment. This is an immense relief - partly because my Bendigo-caught cold has significantly delayed my packing (or maybe it's really just my talent for procrastination) - but mainly because I'm doubtful the renovation would have been at a stage by 3 August to enable me to move even my possessions.

This is an indication of where things were up to at the weekend. All the cabinets and cupboards being fitted into the limited space. Lots done, but lots still to be completed.

Kitchen 2

So, we have a bit of an extension for more of the work - though, as Heather says, 'don't tell the tradespeople!"

PS... Yesterday I also got to meet quite a few family members of the people who bought the apartment, including the fairly well-known Australian rock singer who's the father of the woman who bought the apartment. I hope I was very cool!


jp said...

Sorry to hear that cold is still hanging around.

There is nothing like the relief of an extra week to move. (There is never enough time it is a universal law).

I have no doubt you were very cool in meeting australian rock royalty.

Rose Red said...

I bet they thought you were way cool! (I'm sure I would have been a blibbering mess, and I'm not even a huge fan!!)

That extra time will no doubt be a godsend - but yes, don't tell the tradespeople!

Hope you give that cold the heave-ho soon!

Anonymous said...

OMG you met The Father! i hope he was nice to you! i am glad you got a bit more time to reminisce with your books though.

Meredith said...

oooh, would love to know which rock star it is!

Ruby Girl said...

I am sure you were as big a hit as he is....whoever he is. Good luck with the move.