Thursday, August 12, 2010

Still distracted

The removalists came on Tuesday and moved everything I'd packed - mostly to my new apartment, and some of it to storage till I summon the energy to send it to my daughter in Brisbane. I hadn't quite finished packing everything before the removalists arrived and so I've had quite a few trips between my old and new apartment with a shopping trolley crammed with stuff.

But I've really and truly moved! So many loads to the garbage skips in my building's basement; so many trips to leave things at the local charity stores; but there's still a mountain of boxes to be unpacked.

The painters are in my new apartment this morning painting the old bookcases I've brought with me, so after they're dry I can begin unpacking all my books. Boxes of them. Many heavy boxes of them. Despite culling quite a few as I packed I think I'll still have too many for the space I have, so I suspect more culling will be needed. I'm torn between putting things away anywhere just to make some space, and knowing that this is a really stupid move. Anyway, I'm so physically tired that just co-existing with chaos for a few days seems by far the most attractive option.

Predictably, I have no telephone or internet connection at home until sometime next week, so I'm having a bit of a holiday from blogging and blog-reading. Maybe next post I'll be more settled.


DrK said...

we were just talking about you yesterday and wondering how you were going, contemplating the difficulties of moving within the same building. at least you had a shopping trolley. get some rest and see you soon!

Yarna said...

I, too, have been wondering how your move was going. It must be a relief to at least be in the new apartment even if the mountain of unpacking seems insurmountable. I'm sure you are organised enough to be able to unpack the essentials and tackle the rest when you have more energy.
See you soon, I hope!

Ruby Girl said...

You have done so much, and even though there is so much more to do, you will get through it slowly. I moved 18 months ago and still haven't unpacked everything.

Brendaknits said...

I am just back from vacation and catching up on blog reading. I LOVE your new apartment. So chic! The kitchen sink and tap are fabulous and so is the toilet. We here in Canada are - in the name of water conversation - trying hard to convert all toilets to a 6 litre tank. Yours seems even smaller.